I Discover The Black Angels and ‘Phosphene Dream’-Flower Power Is Alive and Kickin`!

December 28, 2010 by  
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I just discovered The Black Angels a few weeks back when I sampled some tracks of Phosphene Dream on an ipod station at Waterloo Records. From the half-dozen reviews I`ve read online of this rippling new slab of psychedelia this appears to be a good thing. A new discipline is upon them. They have honed their sound down and cut out some of the driftwood of excessive jamming, that can sometimes hamper a band from achieving a more crystallized product, that better avoid clichés like the bubonic plague.

Still processing the songs; this is the type of music I played when I was a kid, so I`m a pretty good judge of it. Yellow Elevator # 2, with its transcendental lyrics and its tapestry of harmonies drenched in reverb, is my favorite song, so far. Sunday Afternoon must be the one with the electric jug, ala Thirteenth Floor Elevators-breaks into a psych-rock frenzy in the final sixteen bars, or so. River Of Blood is more of a lavalamp/blacklight (with posters too) ditty, oh, with a little incense burning from your closest local head shop.

These kids are cracking the books, doing their homework and gettin` all that great old stuff out of their uncle`s closet and soakin` it up like a sponge. Hopefully, they got the Nuggets Box Set, and it sounds like they do. But there`s something else going on here that sounds more original, and a bit more pop inflected. I`m hearing some Jesus and Mary Chain in there, or even some Vanilla Fudge. I don`t know exactly what the references are, but whatever it is, it`s just the right stuff for this ragged old Shitty Beatle. Keep up the good work, lads and lassies. Carry these traditions into our next generation of pioneers (but lay off the drugs & juice). *(The two best reviews I could find for you are this one on Quietus and a good one on Pop Matters).