Ghost Haunts Restaurant

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“The owners of a Scottish cafe said a friendly ghost haunting the shop likes to move jars of candy and other items around.

Laura McKirdy and her mother, Fiona, owners of Laura’s Cafe in Cardross, said the poltergeist dubbed “Nanny Goony” by locals can be mischievous, the Scottish Daily Record, Glasgow, reported Monday.


A ghost, especially a friendly one, is great marketing for a restaurant. Who wouldn’t want to go to Laura’s Cafe, grab a bite to eat and witness a ghost move jars of candy around?

I would guess that Laura McKirdy or her mother are the ones who are moving stuff around. LOL, the only ones who have witnessed the ghost performing its amusing pranks are Laura and Fiona.

I admire the chutzpah of these ladies; I hope the tomfoolery is good for business.

Halloween Insanity: Cops Question Ghost Walking Down The Road

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“Police in Florida said a motorist called police to report a ‘ghost’ walking alongside the road in Brevard County.

The Titusville Police Department said officers surrounded a sheet-covered man walking along state Road 405 at 8:45 a.m. Thursday and asked about his mode of dress, WESH-TV, Orlando, Fla., reported Friday.

Police said the man told them he was wearing the ghost costume to avoid a sunburn and was allowed to continue on his way.”


The man who called the cops about a “ghost walking” should be charged with making a frivolous phone call to the police.

The idiot should have known that it wasn’t a real ghost, the ethereal beings hover, they don’t walk. If the clown really thought it was a ghost he should have called one of those cable TV shows that specialize in the supernatural, and not the cops.

The ghost made more sense that the jackass who called the cops, a sheet is a perfect way to protect you from sunburn, it covers you from head to toe.