Hubble Captures Space Clouds Illuminated by Quasar Ghosts – WallStreet OTC

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WallStreet OTC
Hubble Captures Space Clouds Illuminated by Quasar Ghosts
WallStreet OTC
Hubble spies eight green filaments lit up by past quasar blasts Just usual business for the Hubble Space Telescope, as it captured more stunning images from across the galaxy for the Earthlings to marvel upon. This time, the telescope captured the 'ghosts' of …
Hubble spies enigmatic quasar ghostsEarthSky
NASA's Hubble Identifies Mysterious "Ghosts" of Green QuasarApex Beats
Astronomers observe 'phantom' objects near dead quasarsNew Kerala –Newsx
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Museum Officials Hire Ghostbusters

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“Officials at the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy said experts are being brought in to investigate reported paranormal happenings at the facility.”


Instead of procuring new works of art the officials at the museum are pouring money down the drain by hiring ghostbusters to rid the museum of ghosts.

Workers in the museum have reported tools and equipment being moved or missing. The museum officials should call in the cops, not the ghostbusters.

There are no ghosts, but there are a few thieves who work at the museum.

Investigators Claim Ghosts At California Fairground

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“Paranormal investigators in California say they have collected 130 recordings of ghostly voices from the Del Mar Fairgrounds grandstand.”


The paranormal quacks are overplaying their hands, they should have claimed to have collected a dozen recordings of ghostly voices, not over a hundred.

The loons should post their recordings on YouTube, let us be the judge if they are really ghostly voices. They probably recorded the sounds of people screaming in fear while on the carnival rides.

Casper the Friendly Ghost will drop by for dinner, before these clowns produce any real evidence of ghostly activity.