Dude Makes Guitars From Cigar Boxes

December 29, 2010 by  
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An Illinois man who has created 17 guitars from cigar boxes said he is also making a mandolin from the boxes and is now aiming to create a dulcimer.

New Lenox grandfather Chuck Meyer said he only played guitar for about 10 minutes when he was a teenager but his interest in the instrument was reignited when he saw a video on the Internet about cigar box guitars last year, the Chicago SouthtownStar reported Tuesday.


Most videos on YouTube feature cats being adorable and kids being obnoxious, but viewing videos on the popular video sharing site isnt’ a total waste of time.

A man learned how to make guitars from cigar boxes, and his friends and family are the beneficiaries of his talent and creativity.

I once saw a video on YouTube depicting a guy creating a bong, but I could never find the energy to put my bag of Doritos down and try to create my own bong.