Miley Cyrus a Bird-Girl bursts out of her cage in “Can`t Be Tamed” video!

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The new Miley Cyrus video, Can`t Be Tamed (video below article), is a big surprise! The ‘Hannah Montana’ image is gone, and yet there is still one more season left. Miley is just 17, yet her image is changing right before our very eyes! She plays a kind of P.T. Barnum oddity in the video, a bird-woman who escapes the museum and wreaks havoc on the joint. Miley told MTV that she`s shooting for originality in this new video. Yea, this is different…

The song Can`t Be Tamed is written by Tim James and Antoniva Armato; the lyrics are blatantly sexual or perhaps the bird-girl is merely a good bit wild and carefree on this shoot? “I always gets a ten, `cuz I`m built like that.” Like the line, but a little corny. The director of the video is Robert Hales and the choreographer for this majestic production is Jamal Sims.

Some are arguing that Miley is trying to grow up much too fast. This is sound judgement! And what if she takes the wrong ‘yellow brick road’, you know, the crooked path of Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears? Celeb Hell as it were. Cyrus is doing a complete 180 degree here-once an innocent role model, a perfect Disney girl,  now a seductress bird girl with too much blue eyeliner. If you will Excuse me, I`d like to watch the video again…(sources-Mike Galanos on CNN and CBS piece linked above)

“Party In the U.S.A.” Tops At Number One On Itunes!

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So I put my hands up they`re playing my song,
And the butterflys fly away, noddin` my head like yea,
I got my hands up, they`re playin` my song,
I know I`m gonna be okay,
Yea, it`s a party in the U.S.A.
It`s a party in the U.S.A
Party In the U.S.A.-Miley Cyrus-(written by Lukasz Gottwald, Claude Kelly & Jessica Cornish)

Party_in_the_USA_CoverThis single of Miley Cyrus is doing quite well. It must be striking a nerve in the central nervous system of young people all across the country. I must admit, it is a catchy little ditty. It`s hit # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is on fire in other countries, like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Let`s see if it can go to # 1? Oh, it is currently # ONE on itunes.

The lyrics tell of this musician chick`s move from Nashville to Los Angeles. She scores a hit record when she hits L.A. This makes her buoyant with exceeding glee (it would me too), & she parties her exterior off at some glittery fabricated disco. Jay-Z and Britney Spears have provided some inspiration, apparently.

The video has pizzazz too! The humongous American flag as a backdrop aint doin` it no harm. It`s had 1,919,055 Miley Cyrus iiviews on YouTube-not bad! There are 15, 297 comments posted. Not too shabby-I`m panhandling a couple a hundred…I hope ya don`t mind Hanna? The bottom line, for me, is that Miley is morphing from a child star to a young adult quite successfully. The public at large is also monitoring this transformation very closely.                                                                   P.S. (B.S.) Eureka! This is The Beverly Hillbillies story all over again! No wonder it`s so successful…Ya know-the move from the country to the big city…Paul Henning must be turnin` in his grave…

Miley Cyrus is Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

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hannahmontanathemoviecover-thumbMiley Cyrus is taking the Entertainment Industry by storm and now she is also dominating the Billboard Hot 100.

Six songs off the soundtrack for Hannah Montana: The Movie — which just so happened to rule the box office this past weekend — span this week’s singles chart from No. 8 to No. 88, including Miley’s “The Climb,” BFF Taylor Swift’s track “Crazier,” and Miley’s duet with dear old dad Billy Ray, “Butterfly Fly Away.”

Have you purchased songs off the Hannah Montana soundtrack yet?

Miley Cyrus Tweets that Ryan Seacrest is ‘wayyyy creeeppyyy!’

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After appearing on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on Thursday morning, Miley Cyrus blasted the “Idol” host on Twitter, writing, “Ryan Seacrest is scaring me!!! HELP! … Ryan is wayyyy creeeppyyy! … I am NOT kiddddnggg!”


“Idol” has not yet announced the appearance of Cyrus,  however, rumors have suggested that Cyrus will appear on the “Idol” stage on April 15.


Cyrus also revealed on her Web site on Thursday that she had just pre-taped the performance of her new single, “The Climb,” for air in two weeks.  

It will be great to see Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) perform on the “Idol Stage”