Renewals by NBC for 2009-10 season

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NBC will be meeting their audience halfway with their fall schedule.  Heroes will stay on Mondays to continue saving the world, while Chuck may not debut until after the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Though renewed for two more seasons, the acclaimed Friday Night Lights will not be on their field until next summer — but still no word on whether DirecTV may air the new episodes this fall.

Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU has been renewed, along with The Office, 30 RockParks & Recreation and Southland

However, My Name is Earl and Medium didn’t make the list but there have been talks that they could be pick up by rival networks ABC and CBS — especially Medium on CBS to be paired with Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights.

NBC gives “Heroes” a chance for redemption next season

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This season, they’ve battled Villains and became Fugitives.  Now, the Heroes will be seeking Redemption, which will be the title of Volume 5, as NBC renews the live-action comic-book series next fall.  

However, according to Ad Age, the episode order will be cut from 25 this season to between 18 and 20 for the new season due to declining ratings and over-arching, complex storylines last season and at the start of season three.  Yet Heroes is still a dominant force in the 18-49 viewership as well as internationally.

Fugitives concludes — with the Heroes together again to fight the Hunter Danko, as Nathan and Sylar face-off on who gets to the President first, and one Hero may not survive the aftermath — setting the stage for Redemption

Which Hero do you think is a possible candidate for Redemption?

The final chapter of Fugitives airs this Monday at 9pm on NBC.