From Rock Hudson to Charlie Sheen, a history of celebrity HIV revelations – CNN

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Huffington Post
From Rock Hudson to Charlie Sheen, a history of celebrity HIV revelations
The public's relationship with celebrity and HIV/AIDS can be traced back to Hudson. Thirty years later, with the advent of sophisticated drugs, HIV-infected people can live long, full lives. No longer does it spell the end of a celebrity's public life
Heather Locklear Leads Celebrity Support For Charlie Sheen After HIV DiagnosisHuffington Post
Did Charlie Sheen Give His Twin Sons HIV And More Celebrity NewsOK! Magazine

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A history of Eritrean music, from revolutionary funk to viral pop – The Guardian

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The Guardian
A history of Eritrean music, from revolutionary funk to viral pop
The Guardian
Eritrea has a long, rich history of folk and ritual music. One of the earliest compilations was recorded by ethnomusicologists at America's Smithsonian Institute. A 1951 Folkways compilation on Ethiopia, but also taking in Sudan and Eritrea, is a great

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What History Teaches Us About Trump’s Lead in Polls –

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Huffington Post
What History Teaches Us About Trump's Lead in Polls
For now, Donald Trump continues to be the "Teflon Don" of the 2016 presidential race, with very early indicators showing his frontrunner status is still intact after the first GOP debate and his ensuing battle with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. But just
Trump tops polls of Republicans in early presidential states of Iowa and New (blog)
Iowa Poll: Trump still leads, but dented by debateUSA TODAY
Donald Trump's Surprisingly Honest Lessons About Big Money in PoliticsABC News
Orlando Sentinel –Daily Caller –Huffington Post
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Michael Jackson CDs Flying Off The Shelf!

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It is 5:30 AM and I am already spinning BAD. I don`t know what this tells you? Furthermore, when he sings BAD it takes on different meanings! What is he saying exactly? I believe in street talk Bad means good, or very gifted, but I suspect I`m getting ‘signal interference’ from the media. Anyway, I am taking more of an interest in the snowballing surge of sales of Michael Jackson`s albums. There are lots of statistics to wade through, but the one that sticks with me is that he occupies the top ten positions in the album charts *(sub-category ‘Top Pop Catalog’). That`s easy enough to remember (sort of).

My goodness, this is getting complicated now. They have to account for physical and digital albums now, so that may be fodder for some of the confusion. I am seeing the top ten positions mainly under the ‘Top Pop Catalog.’ So here`s your M.J. shopping list: 1.Number Ones, 2.Thriller, 3. The Essential Michael Jackson, 4. Off The Wall, 5. Dangerous, 6.Bad, 7. The Ultimate Collection (Jackson 5), 8. The Ultimate Collection (Michael Jackson), 9.Invisible, 10.Greatest Hits: HIStory –Volume 1. Goodness Gravy, I didn`t even know that he had released that many albums! By the way, Man In The Mirror is the top selling single!michael_jackson-iiii

It`s been reported that 800,000 album sales were purchased last week, both as physical and digital products. I have a feeling that things will change drastically in just a fraction of a milli-second. Last Friday I picked up three M.J. titles at Waterloo *(one of the last standing brick & mortar record shops in the U.S.A.), here in Austin. They actually had a M.J. display in the front of the store! People were grabbing CDs left and right in the few minutes I was in the store. Exciting to watch, actual retail activity! Maybe M.J. can bring the music industry back from the dead? They didn`t have Invincible or HIStory, and I want to get those titles, so Epic/Sony start up the presses! *P.S. (I need T-Shirts too!)  ‘KING POPS’