Apple Complied With First iPhone Unlock Court Order in 2008, Says Report – Mac Rumors

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Mac Rumors
Apple Complied With First iPhone Unlock Court Order in 2008, Says Report
Mac Rumors
A review of Apple's track record of handling government data requests claims that the company received and complied with its first court order to unlock an iPhone in 2008. According to a Wall Street Journal piece published yesterday, the first court
Apple's first court-ordered iPhone unlock likely dates back to 2008 case, report saysApple Insider
FBI director says its hack is for iPhone 5C only; feds debate sharing method with AppleLos Angeles Times
Unlocking tool that FBI bought won't work on iPhone 5s or newerSlashGear
Monterey County Herald –USA TODAY –Nasdaq –Science World Report
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Apple’s iPhone installment plan threatens carriers’ ties to customers – Computerworld

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Apple's iPhone installment plan threatens carriers' ties to customers
Apple's announcement Wednesday of its own iPhone installment plan, tucked toward the end of what CEO Tim Cook called a "monster roll-out," was the big deal of the morning-after talk about smartphones, analysts said. "If you like to have a new iPhone …
Apple's sleek iPhone 6S features 3D Touch (pictures)CNET
iPhone 6s, 6s Plus in rose gold caters to Chinese demand: CookZDNet
Nice new phone, Apple – but my Android's still better, and cheaperSydney Morning Herald
New York Times –Reuters –The Seattle Times
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Complete guide to the Music app on iPhone and iPad – Macworld UK

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Complete guide to the Music app on iPhone and iPad
Macworld UK
Music is clearly very close to Apple's heart, and every device Apple makes is great for playing audio. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all have dedicated Music apps, online audio features and pretty decent speakers… iOS devices remain the world's best

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Bailouts – Yep, There’s An App for That!

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iphone-appsThere is an application for just about everything for your cell phone including an app called Bailout News by Martian Technology. Unfortunately, it only covers bailout news for the top ten companies that accepted bailout money and doesn’t include a bailout for Americans struggling to make ends meet.

Dom Golio, the author, wants to help you understand where your hard earned money is going. Hidden taxes in gasoline, travel taxes, ‘sin’ taxes, fishing taxes, and excise taxes account for some of it, but there’s more!

* Examine your utility bills, paychecks for ‘hidden’ taxes
* Question why some states have higher taxes but get same services
* Ask representatives whose interests they really represent
* Understand why illegal immigration is a burden for the whole country
* Recognize the need to cut services

Bankrupting Joe the Taxpayer With No One to Bail Him Out

Apple Stops Selling iPhone Baby Shaker Game

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“Apple Inc. pulled a 99-cent iPhone game called ‘Baby Shaker’ from its iTunes store Wednesday after its premise — quiet a crying baby with a vigorous shake — prompted outrage.

According to screen shots posted on several Web sites, ‘Baby Shaker’ displayed black-and-white line drawings of a baby. The iTunes description included the line, “See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!” Once the iPhone owner finishes shaking the device, the on-screen baby is depicted with large red X’s over its eyes.”
This silly and innocuous game really shook some people up, before you could say “get a grip” the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome cried bloody murder. 
It’s just a game folks, no real babies were harmed in the development of this Apple application. iPhone users who play this game aren’t going to be inspired to shake their babies. There isn’t going to be an epidemic of babies with red X’s over their eyes. 
If Apple approved a program that simulates farting, I don’t see why they pulled Baby Shaker from its iTunes tore. 

I can’t stand a crying baby, but even an old grouch like me isn’t going to shake a baby to make it shut the hell up. 

I wish the iTunes store would sell an application that would lull a crying baby to sleep — that’s an app that would be a universal hit.