Hendrix`s “Valleys of Neptune” will be the # 1 record of 2010 (I predict)!

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Valleys of Neptune is indeed a treasure. Every song is interesting. I found the most amazing review of the new Hendrix release, which will probably be the Record of the Year (I predict) for 2010. Yea, 41 years later. This innovative review was done by Joe Bosso for Musicradar.com. The thumbnail pics at the bottom are the songs. You open one of them, then read a very in depth analysis of the song, along with a nice pic of Jimi.

Take just one song, the 3rd cut, Bleeding Heart, recorded April 24th, 1969. For this session Jimi used his old army buddy, Billy Cox on bass. Hendrix and Noel Redding experienced a falling out. Hendrix actually uses Rocky Isaac from the Cherry People on drums. This is an Elmore James cover, but of course Jimi completely makes it his own. Jimi utilizes the wah wah pedal and a fuzz effect as innovatively as it`s ever been done.

Give Lullaby for Summer a spin, with The Experience still in tact (recorded the 7th of April, 1969). Hendrix recorded two distinct guitar parts that are contrapuntal in nature. This rare gem was just recently uncovered. A miracle! Somehow Hendrix is back from the dead? I dare say, new releases from new bands are going to have their hands full with topping the Master! Experience it now! *(my photo was an accident, a double exposure that captures the psychedelic aura of Jimi.)