Is Johann Sebastian Bach the Greatest Composer of All Time?

January 24, 2011 by  
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Anthony Tommasini, classical critic with the New York Times, has put together a list of the ten greatest composers. I will provide you with his list and also give you a link to his article (The Greatest), which explains his thinking. 1. Johann Sebastian Bach, 2. Beethoven, 3. Mozart, 4. Schubert, 5. Debussy, 6. Stravinsky, 7. Brahms, 8. Verdi, 9. Wagner, 10. Bartok. Boy, these ten dudes have penned some mighty nice ditties! I probably would have picked Mozart myself, but I respect Tommasini`s choice.

For just $7.99 I`m picking up a CD on itunes with 100 Bach compositions, so I can hear for myself how Johann puts together a tune. It begins with the Brandenburg Concerto No. 31 and ends with a sonata in e flat for flute. This will take some time to sort through all of this music. Something about harmonies and counterpoint that puts Bach to the top? I can live with Bach as the greatest all time composer. Without Bach, one might argue, we couldn`t have Beethoven or Mozart. I wonder how the poor man could eat or sleep, what with those tunes flowing through his brain all day? Must have felt like the Mad Hatter`s Tea Party every day!