Dude Arrested For Mowing Grass At Public Park

May 29, 2009 by  
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“An Ohio man arrested for mowing unkempt grass at a public park said he just wanted to make his city look nice. John Hamilton said he took control of the situation because the grass in Sandusky’s Central Park was about a foot high. According to a police report, a witness said Hamilton was blowing grass onto the sidewalk and shredding trash in the park that had not been picked up.”

The Associated Press

In these hard economic times municipalities have to make many cuts, and paying for upkeep in public parks is usually the first casualty.

I commend Hamilton for taking the initiative, and mowing the unkempt grass at a public park. We need more solid citizens like Hamilton, who take pride in a safe and neat city.

But Hamilton should have stopped mowing when police ordered him to stop. A good citizen doesn’t disobey a police officer, and unfortunately the cops had no choice but to arrest him.

In these litigious times cities can’t afford to let citizens mow lawns in public parks. For every good guy like Hamilton there are ten bad guys who will claim that they were injured while mowing a city lawn and sue for millions of bucks.

Our economy is on the verge of collapse, and we will have to learn to deal with unkempt public parks. Hamilton will have to satisfy his yen to be a good citizen by picking up litter.