‘Incest and Peppermint’-Or ‘One Day at a Time’ in the Big City

September 24, 2009 by  
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Sometimes as much as you want a pipedream (of a darker hue) to disappear, the more it will linger in your conscious mind, like a cancer, and cast a pall on what few pleasantry-beams that may be partially peeping through the Venetian blinds of your mind. With such clarity in mind, I try to deep-bury Mackenzie Phillips sorted tale of incest and drug abuse, that was revealed on Oprah yesterday. But naturally the bad winds will not blow away. After all, John Phillips wrote some excellent songs for The Mamas and Papas. Also, he organized the first great cosmic rock concert of the 60s, Monterey Pop. And surely San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear A Flower In Your Hair) is one of my favorite songs ever. Written by John Phillips, it became *(is becoming) the anthem for The Summer of Love.mackenzie phillips

That must have been hard for Mackenzie to keep those memories a secret for all those years. A Freudian dagger pierces my heart, I can not even fathom it. I assume that there is a stronger stigma against incest in our culture that colors it more odious, that makes us cringe and quiver at the thought of such familial transgressions. Most of us are already familiar with mamas and papasJohn Phillips` row with drugs and alcohol. And we have heard of the tempestuous internal mechanics of The Mamas and Papas. But now this tops `em all!

The bottom line here is that more old records will be sold, more people will watch reruns of One Day At A Time, and the ratings for Showbiz Tonight will go up. Scandal sells copy! I might order a Best of The Mamas and Papas myself on Itunes TODAY! *(source-CNN) P.S. I`m no Donovan Dunn!