Victoria Arbiter at CBS Best Bet for Royal Wedding Coverage!

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What network will you choose for the royal wedding of William and Kate? Which one will do the best job? Or which one will entertain you most? CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN? Maybe you`ll merely channel surf until you land on the coverage that fits your specs? But the real question is, which station will you want to commit to recording on your DVR? The quality would have to be good enough to warrant playing it back over and over again.

The damn thing starts at 5 AM tomorrow here in Austin, but fortunately I`ve earmarked a holiday from work. I`m leaning towards CBS, since Victoria Arbiter will be covering the wedding with the dignity and grace of an expert. Judyth Piazza, with The SOP Radio Network, has interviewed Victoria just yesterday, and she (both Victoria and Judyth) seems like the best bet to manage the media circus surrounding the wedding of the century. Victoria is English and an expert on these matters.

This morning I`m conducting a history lesson on Westminister Abbey, which dates back to 960 AD. English coronations are conducted here. The Gothic building itself was built by Henry III in 1245. The Library and Muniment Rooms are of special interest to me. They house the multitude of manuscripts that comprise the Histories of Westminister, that preserve a thousand years of recorded marvels that is oh so British.

TheSOP`s Battle of the Bands Gets the ‘GOOD WORD’ Out for Musicians!

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battle of the bandsTheSOP`s Battle of the Bands is a helpful tool for bands and/or musicians when they need to market their music. TheSOP Battle of the Bands page is just one category to browse on web page. Judyth Piazza is the CEO and editor of and has also launched *(is the creator) of this superb music page. You can hear one song (usually) of the featured musician and read some press kit info about the artist(s) to aid you in sizing up their project.

I see more than 130 entries to purview in The Battle of the Band`s archives. The battle of the bands iifirst entry that I could see was posted on July 11th, 2006, around forty months ago, and featured a hard rock band, Awestruck. A few entries after that really caught my eye-a HORROR unit, Dead By Day. Needless to say, B of B is not prejudice, but rather showcases an eclectic array of talent, that includes: rock, country, rap, hip-hop, ‘Horror Rock’ and even Sea Shanty-soaked Buccaneer Rock.

A new feature that Judyth Piazza has just premiered is theSOP Radio; please check out the red radio icon at the top of any SOP page. A random array of music will blast out of the little red radio, as well as American Perspective interviews (Judyth`s radio show, with exclusive interviews with authors, artists, & business people), that is nice to use as an ambient aural background, whenever you are engaged in a bit of writing.

TheSOP`s Battle of the Bands is an excellent service outlet *(& one of the only service outlets) for bands to get THE ‘GOOD WORD’ out! Check it out and post me a comment here on AWC…

‘Gossip Girl’ Threesome?

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The Parents Television Council is threatening to declare war on CW affiliates who broadcast a Very Special Threesome episode of “Gossip Girl.”

PTC is claiming the storyline as “reckless and irresponsible”.

Here’s the full letter from the PTC:

About Gossip Girl
The TV series Gossip Girl is based around the set of books by the same name.

The show revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York’s Upper East Side. They attend elite academic institutions while dealing with sex, drugs, and your basic fun, dramatic, dangerous teenage issues.

Do you think teenagers should be exposed to a threesome?

PBS Airs Luciano Pavarotti Documentary For Their Pledge Drive

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pavarottiKVRU, our PBS affiliate station for Austin, showed Pavarotti: A Life In Seven Arias Saturday night as part of their pledge drive. This is a 90 minute documentary on the tenor`s miraculous career, from his early days in Modena, Italy, to his prominence in starring roles of opera houses all over the world. Some footage was presented also of the Three Tenors (Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti) in Rome singing Elvis` It`s Now Or Never in Italian. I was startled at first, until I could confirm the familiar melody.

One segment features him giving a singing lesson, and emphasizing that one must sing from deep down in their viscera, not just from the throat. It has been said that he was at his best in the bel canto style, or giving an emphasis to the upper registry. Thus, Puccini works such as La Boheme, Tosca, and Madam Butterfly were good fits for Pavarotti. I have the double CD, Pavorotti`s Greatest Hits on Decca; my favorites are La Donna e Mobile from Verdi`s Rigoletto and Schubert`s Ave Maria, that will surely bring tears to your eyes.

Who is your favorite of the Three Tenors? Do you believe Pavarotti drifted too far away from traditional opera, in the latter part of his career?

*Be sure to read her article and listen to Judyth Piazza`s interview with Floyd Mc Feely of Super Geek League on! Sounds like an interesting and fun band. I will definitely check them out!

Shades of MJ in LeBron James

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Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard (12), Rafer Alston (1) and Cleveland Cavaliers’ Delonte West (13) watch LeBron James’ 3-point shot go through the basket as time expires to give the Cavaliers a 96-95 win in Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference basketball finals.

American Idol: Adam Lambert Crushes All Other Contestants

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Simon Cowell spoke for all of the idol judges when he gave Adam’s Tears for Fears performance a standing O.   I also give Adam a standing O.  He is the best contestant of the season by far.  He is poised and confident and knows that he will be the next American Idol.

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Fox Photo

Who do you think is going to be the next American Idol?

American Idol: Who Will Be the Next Loser? Tune in Tonight!

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adam-lambertIt was the end of the line for Megan Joy from American Idol last week, the competition leaps into overdrive with only two female contestants left, Allison Iraheta and Lil Rounds.

The judges mostly agreed that Allison knocked No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” out of the park; however, Lil’s performance was dull and lacked the energy needed to stay in the game.

It may be the end of the road for Scott MacIntyre tonight unless he can show us something unique or fabulous that will keep him in the competition.

Anoop Desai needs to step it up a bit this week or there will be no Bollywood in his future.

Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey are hanging in there by the skin of their teeth because Kris Allen and Adam Lambert over shine them.

Holding steady is Kris Allen. Last week’s wonderfully arranged “Ain’t No Sunshine” was his best routine of the season and he continues to show that he can make any genre fresh and that is exactly what American Idol needs.

Its official, Adam is my favorite American Idol contestant of all-time.

Who is your favorite?

Farrah Fawcett Reportly Close to Death

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071114_farrahfawcett_vl-verticalAccording to the NY Daily News “Charlie’s Angels” TV star and icon Farrah Fawcett, 62, is reportedly unconscious and in critical but stable condition in a Los Angeles hospital.  


Fawcett slipped into unconsciousness as relatives and longtime lover, actor Ryan O’Neal, gathered at her bedside.  Her declining health has doctors fearing the worst.  Fawcett was diagnosed in 2006 with a rare form of colorectal cancer.   


According to Radar Online, Fawcett had chemotherapy and recently underwent experimental stem cell treatment in Germany. 

Representative for the actress have not commented.