Jack Conway Is Catching Up With Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate Race!

September 28, 2010 by  
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It`s surprising that the senate race in Kentucky is tightening, given that on September 7th a Rasmussen poll gave Tea Party candidate Rand Paul a 15 % lead over Democrat Jack Conway. A SurveyUSA poll that just came out a few days ago gives Rand Paul only a 2 % margin lead, with 49 to 47 %. That means that Jack Conway has picked-up 13 percentage points in just three weeks.

Naturally enough, Rasmussen tends somewhat more conservative, but the USA  survey was conducted by the Louisville Courier-Journal and WHAS 11, and can be relied on for its accuracy. The contrasts between these two candidates couldn`t be any greater and Kentucky tends to be a Republican state, so this bodes well for Jack Conway.

It`s a little hard to find good information on this pivotal senate election, but the Washington Post piece I`ll link for you, has the most detail I could find. Of course, it`s not hard to find video links for Rand Paul`s gaffs about getting rid of The 1964 Civil Rights Act, since he believes *(this is shocking in 2010!) private business people should have the right to discriminate against Blacks and Gays, since he thinks they have the right to do whatever they want to do on their own property.

Jack Conway`s recent success is largely a result of  him pointing out that Rand Paul doesn`t think the problem with drugs in Eastern Kentucky is all that important. Also, Conway is focusing on the local needs and concerns of Kentuckians, while Paul is touting the usual Tea Party baggage of let`s repeal the HealthCare Bill and make government smaller.

The gender gap is playing a big role in Conway`s gains also, since he is getting 55 percent of female voters, while Paul is getting 59 percent of male voters. So far, the national media hasn`t particularly focused on this exciting senate race in Kentucky. That`s about to change.