Neither FOX nor ABC has “Forgotten” Kim Bauer

December 20, 2009 by  
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While onscreen father Kiefer Sutherland is saving the world once more on 24, Elisha Cuhbert will be in the Windy City for a recurring role on ABC’s The Forgotten.  The actrees will portray an attorney skeptical of ex-cop Alex Donovan (Christian Slater)’s volunteer investigators, but must put that aside when she becomes the focus of one of their cases. 

The series is based on real-life accounts of The Network, a victims’ rights group that aids law enforcement in idenitfying John and Jane Does.  It has recently been picked up for five more episodes.

The Forgotten airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on ABC.
The new season of 24 premieres January 2010 on FOX.