The Twinkling Tones Of The Lounge Show, Hosted By Jay Robillard!

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johnny-mercerI landed with a thud in Austin, Texas, November 6th of 1995, escaping some turbulent times. I became a hermit by choice, a recluse in my own little tortoise shell. “I bug no one, no one bugs me,” that was my motto from a grotto. Didn`t answer the phone, had no job, just little old me stuck on my own private ‘Gilligan`s Island;’ nothing penciled in on my calendar for as far as the eye could see. Yea, the rest of the `90s was free time, unless sumpin` should give.

To help pass the idle hours, and to placate my petrifying predicament, I tuned into the Lounge Show, hosted by Jay Robillard, on KOOP 91.7, broadcast every Saturday morning from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM CDT, since December of 1994. The Lounge Show is still going strong and is streamed on the internet, so that all may enjoy it.

Jay`s parents had a radio station in Louisiana, so he has ample training as a DJ. Jay has a record collection out of this world, and frequents the Record Convention here in Austin to spice up his vinyl holdings. There is so much going on the show, in the way of music, that it takes years and years to soak it all in. It`s a history lesson each week. Mambos, Cha Chas, comedy bits, novelty, movie tracks, vintage commercials, and my favorite, Flower-Power covers are just a fragment of Mister Robillard`s eclectic offerings.

Jay begins every show with “That Old Black Magic” by Robert Maxwell, his harp and orchestra over a colorful spiel that bundles his themes for the day. He`ll rotate these intros from time to time, but on a broadcast from 8/16/1997 *(the Golden Era of the late 1990s), it went something like this:

“Good morning, Austin, you are listening to KOOP, Austin, Texas, broadcast on 91.7 on your FM dial. The time is 3 minutes past 10 O`clock and you are invited to join us for the next 2 hours on the Lounge Show! It`s the program that brings you premium Hi-Fi relaxation. I am your morning man, Jay Robillard, stay tuned, there many magical music moments to come with Eartha Kitt, Buddy Greco, The Mighty Sparrow, Serge Gainsbourg, Katy Lee, Tipsy, The Black Velvet Flag, Edith Piaf, and a whole lot more.”

“Surface noise on many of today`s selections has been drastically reduced through syntonic warping of the inner groove, producing a clearer signal to noise ratio for distraction free listening enjoyment. Now relax as you recline to the soothing sounds of the Lounge Show.” That was twelve years ago, but Jay is still bringing us the stress-reducing, bliss-inducing, rollickin` rocker-chair tones of The Lounge Show!