“I Am My Hair” – Lady Gaga`s New Single ‘Hair,’ Familiar Theme

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I`m okay with Lady Gaga`s new single, Hair. The full album, Born This Way, will be out on Tuesday. Okay, I`ve heard Monday as the release day also. Hair is Gaga`s take (as I see it) on “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair!” In other words, your hair is an extension of your personality or your spirit. That idea has been around for a while, but I`m cool with it. Didn`t Bill Shakespeare come up with it? I still listen to and love the late 1960s musical, Hair.

You`re going to have to check out Jon Pareles (The New York Times) really huge piece on Lady Gaga, published just yesterday. Lots of insight into the creative process employed by Ms. Gaga to produce this new record, that`s likely to blow the charts out to sea and off the map. The Lady`s a zany girl, and Jon Pareles gets underneath some of this unfathomable gumption packaged in this Italian Wanderlust of a Diva Pop Queen.

Much of the record was actually created while she was on tour. Apparently, she has a studio set up in her tour bus, so that whenever an idea comes to her princess-ness, she can lay it down before the muse vanishes. I do that myself sometimes, with a digital portable Dictaphone gadget I have, The only problem is, I`ve misplaced it! Therefore, brilliant new songs are lost for all time, drifting out into open air and forgotten for eternity. Boo, Huh Huh….

Lady Gaga Jumps on the Political Bandwagon-Repeal “Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell”!

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Lady Gaga gave a politically charged speech in Portland, Maine yesterday, dressed in a Yankee-Doodle-Dandy prep get-up that included her eyeglasses, against a gigantic American flag. Being Gay, Gaga feels strongly about Congress repealing the “Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell” law, which will come up as a vote before the Senate, perhaps, some time this week.

The arcane law, requiring Gays to be quiet about their sexual orientation while serving in the military, has been on the books for 17 years (1993). The question comes up, why should they have to remain quiet about being Gay, as if this is something they should feel ashamed of, or this would be any kind of impediment to them serving their country bravely and honorably.

You will want to watch Lady Gaga`s speech, because she defends her position to repeal “Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell” with razor-sharp poignancy and caustic humor. “Equality is the prime rib of America, but because I am gay, I don`t get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat my country has to offer.”

Gaga chose to speak out in Maine because the Senate needs 60 votes to pull-off the repeal. The Republican senators, Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe, appear to be the crucial votes to go over the top of 60 votes. Ms. Collins is favoring the repeal. John McCain has been a thorn in the side of the repeal, but Gaga has the might of Twitter and YouTube to take on the Arizona senator.

Who knows, maybe Lady Gaga could tilt the outcome of the mid-term elections? But can she get as much media coverage as Christine O`Donnell? She`ll need to find a pretty zany outfit to outdo the Tea Party Diva of outragishness!

Lady Gaga is now the Queen of the Internet!

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So Lady Gaga is bigger on the internet now than Barack Obama? But Gaga is in entertainment, while Obama is in the political arena. Lady Gaga`s attraction is a mystery, but is a reality that we must consider seriously. And now she is toppling Britney Spears on Twitter. The stats are staggering.

As of last Friday (August 20th), Spears had 5,659,701 followers on Twitter, and Lady Gaga had 5,655,299. THE LADY probably passed up poor Britney sometime that day. Gaga had gained 600,000 new followers just last month, while Spears had picked up a measly 200,000. In a slump, girl.

What`s doing it? Must be the Fame Monster Tour. Another factor is that Gaga dominates the music video scene too. Lady Gaga is a gifted musician and songwriter, but marketing on social media is her real forte. She has 16 million Facebook Friends. She`s the most powerful person in the world!

I have 190 friends on FB and will feel like a social media big shot when I bust 200, if that`s possible. Gaga ought to run for president of Haiti, not Wyclef Jean! I`m going to do some marketing research on Gaga to see if I can tap into her secrets. Understanding her PR Machine could be my ticket out of Dodge! For starters, check out her witty little Twitter video in the fairy queen get up. *(sources-CNN and YouTube)

Lady Gaga`s “Alejandro”-A Kaleidoscopic Journey through her Subconscious?

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The first thing I thought of when viewing Lady Gaga`s new video, Alejandro, was the Nazi S & M classic, The Night Porter (1974), starring Dirk Bogarde. Gaga is catching some flack for going way too far this time with such an odd blend of religion and ‘homoerotic military panoply.’ I thought it was great, and believe that people are confusing serious boundary pushing with mere frivolity and imaginative mass confusion, with regard to a mixing of metaphors. Mixing metaphors for The Lady is perfectly okay anyway, my friend.

Gaga soaks up references like a oilly-soaked sponge and just recycles the older articles of art with a new skin. The lyrics of Alejandro don`t exactly match the video imagery, nor are they required to do so. You could just as easily turn off the sound and watch the footage, as you could turn off the video and listen to the song. It doesn`t really matter.

They are mutually exclusive, or they can be interchangeably synched with one another. Such is the genius of Gaga. She is playing around folks; this is not a heavy statement about Catholicism! But yea, she`s not gonna mind if you bend your mind around some heretical delusions of grandeur! Be a jerk, why don`t ya!

So watch again! The imagery is not really representative of anything. Rather it`s simply subconscious underpinnings of what makes Gaga tick. This is her best video yet, because it`s stretches the mind and senses, and forces you to find alternative ways to interpret your own world. Gaga chooses rich sexually-laced imagery and religious conundrums of the subconscious to purge (or channel) her anxieties? What techniques do you use…psychotherapy?

Lady Gaga-Stage Fright and a Sheer Crystal Catsuit

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Lady Gaga experienced some stage fright Monday night for the Metropolitan Museum of Art`s Costume Institute Gala. Gaga refused to walk the red carpet and instead locked herself up in her dressing room. It took Oprah Winfrey to coax her out of her dressing room to perform a four song set for a bunch of VIP Stars.

The Lady went on to steal the spotlight with her Sheer Crystal Catsuit designed by Giorgio Armani. Many celebrities raved about her performance such as Brooke Shields and Katy Perry. Bono walked out right in the middle of her set. That`s a bummer! Perhaps the ‘stage fright’ was planned; Gaga is getting plenty of media attention today, friendo.

Lady Gaga Racks Up One BILLION Video Views on the Internet!

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Visible Measures, a video analytics company (that tracks videos that achieve 100 million views), has long had Lady Gaga on their chart. Visible Measures is now reporting that Lady Gaga`s three hit videos have exceeded one billion views. These are: Poker Face, Just Dance and Bad Romance.

Gaga is primarily on Vevo and YouTube, but is prominent on Facebook too, where recently there was a National Gaga Day. Gaga enjoys a harmonious relationship with the internet in general. Bad Romance was my first video purchase on my iphone. I wonder what the stats are like for LG video purchases on itunes?

Stats for her new one, Telephone, have not even been added to Visible Measures` records yet (from what I can tell)? Gaga may hit two billion before long? Why do you think that The Lady is so enamored on the internet? She does keep things interesting with dancing, outrageous costumes and her out-of-this-world floppy hats! But there must be some other mysterious quality at play here? If I can JUST discover it, I too will be an INTERNET BILLIONAIRE! *(source-CNN.com-Lady Gaga first artist with one billion online video views-3/25/2010)

“I knew you`d take all my honey”-Lady Gaga`s “Telephone” rules airwaves!

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I own the Lady Gaga video Telephone now with Beyonce. Only seen it once but I love it. Sixteen million people have already viewed it on YouTube. It`s ten minutes long, really a mini-film. The dancing is outstanding and the music reminds me of Debra Harry and Blondie, from the late `70s. “Once you kill a cow, you got to make a burger,” Miss Gaga casually exclaims towards the end. May be a reference to gnarly males?

Sex, crime, lesbian fantasy, everything is so obvious; trying to act BAD becomes a cliché for some ulterior subliminal message. But what is that message? More viewings are in order. Aileen Wuornos, supposedly the first female serial killer, came to mind almost immediately! The prison scenes are scary, but MSNBC has entire shows on prison life. A little satire of that motif is implied, don`t you think?

Lady Jail-Bird Flicks have always been popular; Lady Gaga justs sees a good opportunity way before the rest of us…taps into the mammoth ID of the American Psyche…

Michael Jackson`s “Earth Song” centerpiece of 52nd Grammys

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Lionel Richie quoted Michael Jackson, when he took the stage last night at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards: “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to believe.” The centerpiece of the awards was most certainly Michael`s Earth Song.” 3-D glasses are required to watch the video, which featured new vocals of Usher, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood.

And wasn`t it surreal to see Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks (The Welch Witch) perform Rihannon together? Clearly, the most spectacular moment came when Pink sang Speechless, suspended in space on a sling and then dipped down in water. She spun around and flung water on the crowd. Weird! Loved Lady Gaga and Elton John duet-the opening number.

I was disappointed in the awards though. Lady Gaga was slighted, but Taylor and Beyonce scraped in the lion share of little gold gramophones. The program itself was an improvement however, focusing more on a dazzling show and less on just giving out awards.

Have the Grammys ever been a reflection of our times?

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Well the Grammy Awards are coming up on Sunday. Big Deal! But I will still watch them anyway to see who wins. I just found this great piece by Jim DeRogatis that was just published in the Chicago Sun TimesPredicable Grammys reward star power. The Grammys have always taken a conservative (or reactionary) bent, going all the way back to their inception in 1958. Please read Jim`s piece, but he argues that the music awards were created by old stalwarts, like Frank Sinatra and Mitch Miller, to counter the surge of a new phenomenon, ROCK `N` ROLL.

Now that`s a bit of information that`s of some use to me. Hopefully, I will be able to trade out my old cable box on Saturday, for a newer box with the Digital Video Recorder feature. I`ve needed it badly for some time. Then I will be able to record the Grammys and capture Lady Gaga, who no doubt will be pulling a rabbit outta some crazy hat (literally) of hers.

Not that I`ll take the winners too seriously, but for Album of the Year I want the Dave Matthews Band to win (Big Whiskey & the Groogrux King). This year the Grammys can be reduced to three pop divas: Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Who do you love? I think it`s poppycock that only the ‘music elite’ looks down on the Grammys as passe!

Gaga Uh La La A-Lady Gaga`s “Bad Romance” a Money Machine!

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lady gaga viiShazam! I just viewed Lady Gaga`s video, Bad Romance. A feast for the eyes and the ears! It`s been seen 36,734,082 times, as of today. The costumes are mostly in white with funny cone head headdresses. *(I was reminded of the ritual dance scene in Stanley Kubrick`s Eyes Wide Shut.) Lady Gaga cuts a mean rug too, didn`t know she could dance? Gaga does it all-fully rounded, versatile performance artist. Superlatives are the only thing that come to mind when experiencing this fairly new artist. And I don`t even have The Fame Monster yet! That will change.

But you think that I`m GOO GOO over GAGA, you ought to read the piece in The Los Angeles Times today, Lady Gaga is using her pipes for pitches by Dan Neil. Dan sings her praises to a infinitesimal rhapsodic timbre. The gist of this is that Gaga is dishin` out art and advertising with the same blotted paint brush. I thought capitalism and art were contradictions? Wrong! Review your Andy Warhol again to see how these extremes can be integrated.

Gaga successfully pedals 10 products in the Bad Romance video, as Dan Neil has told us. Here they are: a black ipod, Philippe Starck Parrot wireless speakers, Nemiroff vodka, Gaga designed Heartbeat headphones, Carrera sunglasses, Nintendo Wii handsets, Hewlett-Packard Envy computers, a Burberry coat, Alexander McQueen hyper-heels and plenty of LaPerla lingerie.

Lady Gaga is helping these companies to push their sales through the roof! Gaga is Fort Knox now. I just wish a few of those gold coins would roll my way… *(check out my review of The Fame.)

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