Winning Lottery Ticket Dropped In Collection Plate

March 29, 2011 by  
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“The pastor of a struggling Maryland parish recently came across a generous donation in the collection plate — a $30,000 lottery ticket, officials said.

Maryland lottery officials didn’t release the name of the church but did confirm the ticket had already been scratched off when it was placed in the collection plate earlier this month, WBAL-TV, Baltimore, reported Monday.


The person who dropping the winning lottery ticket in the collection plate may have been generous, but he was exceedingly stupid. The lottery ticket could have easily been thrown in the garbage.

Why doesn’t a nice guy like me ever win the lottery, the winner is always some clown who does something stupid, like give the damn ticket away.

It’s not like I wouldn’t be generous if I won, I would buy a convertible and donate a couple of cans to a soup kitchen.