Radiohead`s ‘The King of Limbs’ is out, Or Is It?

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I was late to the game (slow to the punch bowl…missed the train) with Radiohead. A few years ago I succumbed to the super-modern-techno-digital-age-Nosteramus-esque-underground-anti-band, and purchased every one of their LPs. Loved em all. In Rainbows, their most pop-accessible, is my favorite. This morning I picked up The King of Limbs on itunes, and am on my first listen, but I`m paying attention.

As I listen, I`m looking up some reviews to get an idea what others (as in people in the know for Alternative Rock) are thinking. I always check out what Pop Matters says, because they often have actual record reviews. Arnold Pan rather likes The King of Limbs, and it sounds as if he knows what he`s talking about. A bit about a dynamic balance between the technological and human seems to be on the mark. (That`s the fifth paragraph in the review).

My first impression is that I love the way the bass is mixed up front, as if it`s the dominant instrument. Bloom puts me on a spaceship trip with a syncopated rhythm that has a Martian time signature. Okay, I just punched the mouse again on Bloom – don`t know what`s going on? Stanley Donwood did the art work for The King of Limbs (Here`s The Guardian review). Something about trees and Northern European fairy tales…in the music too. Okay, I get it! Fairy Tales filtered through the new digital age? Lotus Flower is danceable techno pop…Back to the drawing board.

Radiohead raises more than $500,000 for earthquake relief!

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A spontaneous gig in Los Angeles by Radiohead for Haitian earthquake relief raised more than $500,000. The show happened Sunday night at Henry Fonda Theater and was attended by many stars. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron and Daniel Craig were spotted in the crowd.

Radiohead played for more than two hours and showcased their new song, Lotus Flower. Radiohead`s last long playing record was from 2007, In Rainbows. I`m a big fan, but have never seen them live. I do, however, have all of their records. The exact figure of money reported, that will go for earthquake relief is $572,754. (sources-RTT News and MSN Music)

As you download the Hope for Haiti Now soundtrack on itunes, be sure to read my piece, Seven Beautiful Songs from ‘Hope for Haiti Now.’