Lounge Show Honors Blake Edwards and Pulls Out Some Thurl Ravenscroft!

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I was scrambling last weekend, make that two weekends ago, to catch a cache of the ancient media storage format that we remember as blank audio cassettes (I use Maxell UR-Normal Bias-120 minutes). Target quit selling them, but fortunately, Waterloo Records hasn`t discontinued this ‘End of Days’  technology. The thing is, I wanted to record some of this superb radio programming of KOOP 91.7 during the holidays. The Lounge Show, hosted by Jay Robillard, did not disappoint last Saturday morning, at 10:00 AM (CST), since he honored the passing of the popular film maker, Blake Edwards (1922-2010).

Jay shot out of the starting gate with The Pink Panther Theme, by Henry Mancini. Later, he played Moon River (actual version from Breakfast At Tiffanys), by Mancini again. Blake Edwards worked quite thriftily with Henry Mancini, you`ll probably agree? But Jay sprinkled in lots of improbable Yuletide ditties as well. One gem that I can`t find anything about on the internet, is Ganza Negra by Rene True Danza; would be worthwhile to dig a lttle more, I should think.

Okay, I need to get to the Meat of the Matter. The reason why I`m penning this little flap of fluff about Jay`s Saturday Lounge Show, is because he played Thurl Ravenscroft`s You`re A Mean One Mr. Grinch. I have the 1966 special (animation done by Chuck Jones) arriving through the mail in the next few days via Netflix. Thurl is my hero by way of voice over cult figures, worshipped by wrinkly puckish (frolicksome)baby-boomers the world over. I best remember his baritone throat for Tony The Tiger, used in Kellogg`s Frosted Flakes` commercials. Did lots more, check it out!

Anyway, running out of time, got to get ready for the factory. Jay played (rotated on his turntable) so much more last Saturday, like Don Ho`s Song of Christmas, Fay McKay`s bawdy and intoxicated send up of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and lots more Blake Edwards. How about John Gary`s White Room-tremendous send-down on Cream classic! Got to run-I`m Out To Lurch (you rang)! *(P.S. Jay, Platter Master Dennis, and Joey B will play 4 hours of Christmas music on Koop, from 10 AM-2 PM on 12/25-It`s streamed on the internet, so people around the world can enjoy!)

The Lounge Show on KOOP Radio Was a Spook-Tacular Shock-A-Rama!

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Bob McFaddenThe Lounge Show, with Jay Robillard as host, on KOOP Radio 91.7 (on Saturdays from 10 AM-12 PM-it`s streamed on the World Wide Web too!), was a SPOOK-TACULAR SHOCK-A-RAMA yester-morn, with two hours of Halloween-themed zingers! Jay piggybacked a bulging black bag of delirious ditties up to the KOOP station as sonic trick-or-treats. I`ll just give you a sliver of a microscopic specimen of `is corpus derelictus, by way of radio clarion blasts as buzzing riff-raff bats.

A tingle of fright shimmied down my spine, as I listened to Bob McFadden (with Rod McKuen), an Einstein of a voice-over artist, sing The Mummy, with his wormy and wimpy-throated spoof of a rendition. He can`t scare one iota even outta a hip, finger-snappin` beatnik Daddy-O  that he encounters on the street, who claims he has “a warped groove.”

That is a rare one from 1955 that I have never heard, A Man in a Raincoat, by a Canadian singer, Priscilla Priscilla WrightWright. The black and white over here on the right is Priscilla Wright. As usual, I forever marvel over Ghost Riders in the Sky, written by Stan Jones and performed by Vaughn Monroe-a # one hit in 1949. I`m a fool for tall cowpoke yarns told `round a campfire of lonesome Yosemite Sams. Odles of artists have covered this gem too!

AstrozombiesFurthermore, Jay sprinkled in some movie trailers for good measure, or maybe some of them were radio spots…don`t know for certain? There was The Vault of Horror that used the slogan “a life worth leaving,” then there was Vampire Playgirls (Devil`s Nightmare), an Italian/French co-production from 1971, starring Erica Blanc with its dated sex appeal. Frogs (starring Ray Milland) croaks like a good toad to see and AstroZombies is a B flick combo of Sci-Fi & Horror that I`d like to run my eyes over some bleak night.

Green-Eyed Dragon *(these lyrics differ from the JCT version), performed by John Charles Thomas was the whipped cream & maraschino cherry of the show for me! Thanks for a wonderful Halloween radio show, J.R.!  P.S. I saw Paranormal Activity yesterday, & trembled with the jeepers -creepers for nearly two hours!

The Twinkling Tones Of The Lounge Show, Hosted By Jay Robillard!

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johnny-mercerI landed with a thud in Austin, Texas, November 6th of 1995, escaping some turbulent times. I became a hermit by choice, a recluse in my own little tortoise shell. “I bug no one, no one bugs me,” that was my motto from a grotto. Didn`t answer the phone, had no job, just little old me stuck on my own private ‘Gilligan`s Island;’ nothing penciled in on my calendar for as far as the eye could see. Yea, the rest of the `90s was free time, unless sumpin` should give.

To help pass the idle hours, and to placate my petrifying predicament, I tuned into the Lounge Show, hosted by Jay Robillard, on KOOP 91.7, broadcast every Saturday morning from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM CDT, since December of 1994. The Lounge Show is still going strong and is streamed on the internet, so that all may enjoy it.

Jay`s parents had a radio station in Louisiana, so he has ample training as a DJ. Jay has a record collection out of this world, and frequents the Record Convention here in Austin to spice up his vinyl holdings. There is so much going on the show, in the way of music, that it takes years and years to soak it all in. It`s a history lesson each week. Mambos, Cha Chas, comedy bits, novelty, movie tracks, vintage commercials, and my favorite, Flower-Power covers are just a fragment of Mister Robillard`s eclectic offerings.

Jay begins every show with “That Old Black Magic” by Robert Maxwell, his harp and orchestra over a colorful spiel that bundles his themes for the day. He`ll rotate these intros from time to time, but on a broadcast from 8/16/1997 *(the Golden Era of the late 1990s), it went something like this:

“Good morning, Austin, you are listening to KOOP, Austin, Texas, broadcast on 91.7 on your FM dial. The time is 3 minutes past 10 O`clock and you are invited to join us for the next 2 hours on the Lounge Show! It`s the program that brings you premium Hi-Fi relaxation. I am your morning man, Jay Robillard, stay tuned, there many magical music moments to come with Eartha Kitt, Buddy Greco, The Mighty Sparrow, Serge Gainsbourg, Katy Lee, Tipsy, The Black Velvet Flag, Edith Piaf, and a whole lot more.”

“Surface noise on many of today`s selections has been drastically reduced through syntonic warping of the inner groove, producing a clearer signal to noise ratio for distraction free listening enjoyment. Now relax as you recline to the soothing sounds of the Lounge Show.” That was twelve years ago, but Jay is still bringing us the stress-reducing, bliss-inducing, rollickin` rocker-chair tones of The Lounge Show!