Feel the LOVE-New Jimi Hendrix Valleys of Neptune!

March 29, 2010 by  
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I see-sawed, I fudged, I waffled as I roamed Waterloo yesterday in search of a record that wouldn`t go straight to my Cut-Out Bin. This is a graveyard for records that die a horrible death. But on the horizon was a blue cover, a savior of sorts, it`s Jimi Hendrix Valleys Of Neptune. 12 new Hendrix tracks for most of us, except the bootleg fanatics who already have these tracks. This is Hendrix`s follow up to Electric Ladyland, and was mostly recorded in early 1969 with The Experience.

I`m blown away! Don`t know what to say. I`ve never heard any of these tracks before. I would recommend getting a brick and mortar store bought copy of this CD. Waterloo had a vinyl edition that looked delicious! But the booklet has new pics of Jimi and killer linernotes that give you history about the songs, when and where they were recorded, and even what Jimi was thinking in terms of production and artistic direction. John McDermott has brought the moribund art of linernotes back to life here!

Naturally, you will want to break down every song, if not every note played by Jimi Hendrix on this brand new album-Valleys Of Neptune. Fave so far is an instrumental, Lullaby For The Summer, track 11. Maybe Jimi will chart again? Can you dig it? New J.H. and it`s 1969 again? Get out the tie-die…