“It`s Getting Better”-‘Something Groovy And Good Found’ In Cass Elliot!

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“Once I believed that when love came to me, it would come with rockets, bells, and poetry. But with me and you, it just started quietly and grew, and believe it or not, now there`s something groovy and good found whatever we got. And it`s getting better, growing stronger, warm and wilder, getting better everyday, Better Everyday.”-Cass Elliot (singer)cass elliot ii

Cass Elliot died on July 29, 1974 of a heart attack. She left us on a high note, since she was just completing two weeks of sold out concerts at the London Palladium. Cass never did choke on a ham sandwich, but died of a heart attack at the early age of 32. The fact that this silly rumor followed her in death is unfortunate. This reminds me of the line “no one`s getting` fat except Mama Cass” in the Mamas and Papas` song Creeque Alley. That always troubled me.

The truth of this is that Cass Elliot was really the Star of the Mamas and Papas. Her solo career was the most successful one, as the band parted ways in 1968. Cass made appearances in many movies and television shows in the early 1970s, and continued to shine. I remember seeing her on the Match Game and Hollywood Squares. And Cass sub-hosted The Tonight Show for Johnny Carson many times. Do you recall 4454267her jingle for Hardee`s: “Hurry on down to Hardee`s, where the burgers are charco-broiled?”

Cass Elliot transcends all this dirt (MacKenzie Phillips)! She will be remembered as a truly beautiful person. Listen to some her music and judge for yourself. My favorite is Better Everyday! Channel your LOVE & AFFECTION into MAMA CASS! *(source-Wiki)