Marvel Comic Book Genius Stan Lee Inspires Us Fledgling Writers!

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Well, CNN has some ireporters interviewing Stan Lee of Marvel Comic book fame, and this is about the most positive story I can bring you today, September 10, 2010. It`s hard to believe all of things that he has accomplished. Just a few of his comic book co-creations are: Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and tons of others.

Stan Lee`s career as a writer dates back to 1939, where he would do everything in the office to keep things going. His first major success was the creation of The Fantastic Four. He just branched out after that. For me, the other important story is a business one. How Marvel beat out DC Comics in the marketplace, and then how they branched out to other niches, like toys, costumes, action figures, morning cartoons and feature-length movies.

Stan Lee inspires me to want to be a writer, with his rich imagination and ability to collaborate so successfully with others. And I`m fascinated with early comic books, which if found, is like discovering the treasure of Morgan the Pirate. I especially dig seeking out early X-Men, which is my favorite of the Marvel titles. Let me see if my stories can reach as many readers as Stan Lee? Fat chance, Puzzle Man!

Disney Buys Marvel for 4 Billion

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Deal to unite Mickey Mouse with Spider-Man worth 4 billion.

Disney has ponied up 4 billion to buy Marvel, the home of Spider-Man and Iron Man. The deal will give Disney access to more than 5000 characters. [TheWrap]

When is the last time you bought a marvel comic?