Cop Delivers Baby In McDonald’s Restroom

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Police in New Jersey said an officer was flagged down at a McDonald’s and delivered a baby in the restaurant’s bathroom.”


I hope the cop got a free Big Mac, fries and a Coke, and maybe the baby will get free Happy Meals until he’s seven or eight years old.

To commemorate the happy occasion the baby should either be named John after the restroom or Mac after McDonald’s

The bouncing baby boy is doing just fine.

Thief Hid Big Mac In Her Pants

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“Police in South Carolina said they arrested a woman who allegedly stuffed a McDonald’s sandwich into her pants and loudly complained that she never received it.
Investigators said Lori Shannon Turner, 39, of Spartanburg, received two sandwiches Sunday morning at the fast food restaurant and quickly concealed one of them in her pants, the Herald Journal, Spartanburg, reported Tuesday.
Employees at the store told police Turner claimed she was shorted a sandwich and demanded another free of charge.”
I love me some Big Mac’s, but I wouldn’t try to steal a Big Mac and risk a stint in jail. There’s no McDonald’s franchise at the local jail.
It didn’t take a Sherlock  Holmes or a rocket scientist to determine that Turner was lying, when the cops showed up they noticed a large grease stain on her pants.
A female cop was called to the scene, and it was her unpleasant talks to remove the Big Mac from the thief’s pants.
Turner has a long rap sheet, and she should spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Girl Gone Wild At McDonald’s

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Kansas City police want to know the identity of a woman who trashed a McDonald’s restaurant Dec. 27 because she hated her hamburger.

She caused thousands of dollars in damage to the restaurant at 3255 Main St.
Police said she complained about her hamburger. Employees offered to replace it. She demanded her money back. Employees declined.”
A sane person doesn’t walk into a McDonald’s expecting his taste buds to explode in an orgasm of culinary delight.
If I order a Quarter Pounder hamburger, and I I’m handed a bun with a hamburger, tomato and lettuce, and it doesn’t make me gag, I’m satisfied.
This pathetic woman probably works a menial job, and she’s never dined in a fine establishment, and experienced the satisfaction of complaining to a waiter that the fillet mignon is not up to par. So this wicked witch takes out all the frustrations of her meaningless existence on the hardworking McDonald’s employees
I hope she’s quickly apprehended and tossed into jail for a few weeks, where she will be fed bland food that will make a McDonald’s hamburger taste like a gourmet meal.

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Teen To Challenge Citation For McDonald’s Rap

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A Jan. 29 bench trial has been set for a teen cited with disorderly conduct for ordering food at an American Fork McDonald’s by singing a rap song.

Spenser Dauwalder, 18, and three 17-year-olds were emulating a popular YouTube video with their hip-hop order at the drive-through on Oct. 27.
But the manager became upset, wrote down the car’s license number and called police, who cited all four boys for disorderly conduct.”
Fast food workers earn minimum wage putting up with unruly and rude customers, but they shouldn’t be expected to endure a fool ordering food by singing a rap song.
The young hooligan should have been thrown in jail instead of just being issued a citation. He has a lot of nerve appealing the citation, and I hope he loses his case.
The McDonald’s employees should sue the teens for subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishment.
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Couple Pelts McDonald’s Cashier With Coins & Safety Cones

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“A brawl at a Quincy McDonald’s was allegedly the result of a French fries order-mix up.

Police say that coins and plastic safety cones were hurled at cashiers by Christina Galipeau, 22, of Quincy, and Eugene Jackson, 33, of Dorchester, after the cashier gave them a small size French fries when they ordered a large.
I’m surprised brawls haven’t been instigated by McDonald’s clerks asking customers, “Do you want fries with that?” If I’m ordering a salad and a Diet Coke, chances are pretty good that I don’t want freaking fries with that.
The McDonald’s cashier should have supersized their order of fries, he made a mistake and should have compensated the customers accordingly.
The customer is always right, especially when he gets shortchanged on an order of fries.