Milkshakes Are For Drinking, Not For Hurling At Cars

July 23, 2010 by  
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“The husband of a Connecticut woman ticketed for allegedly throwing a milkshake into another car said he thinks the other driver should also have been ticketed.

Carlos Vega of Portland said he was riding in the Chevrolet Suburban while his wife, Yajira, was driving Tuesday and she threw a milkshake into the window of a car that cut her off in traffic, the Hartford Courant reported Thursday.
The woman driver was issued a ticket for throwing abject at a motor vehicle. A milkshake may not have done any damage to the car, but the other driver could  have swerved to avoid the milkshake and caused an accident.
Carlos Vega is sticking up for his violent wife because he feels it’s the manly thing to do, but the fact is that his spouse should have been thrown in the slammer for her act of road rage.
The other driver denied cutting off the evil woman, and he wasn’t ticketed.
All’s well that ends well.