Never mind elephants – try not to think of a celebrity threesome – The Guardian

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The Guardian
Never mind elephants – try not to think of a celebrity threesome
The Guardian
The injunction taken out by a celebrity couple last week didn't succeed in curbing the gossip about the alleged threesome. Those eager to know their identity caused Google searches to rocket, and some have said that the internet makes such silencing

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Is Neon Indian`s “Psychic Chasm” the music of tomorrow?

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“Neon Indian works because it`s intrinsically aligned with the Carles zeitgeist, where the avant-garde and psychedelic shamanism dovetail headlong with conspicuous consumerism, altbros and instant gratification.” Shawn Murphy-Groovemine

Huh? My exact sentiments when reading this quote taken from Shawn Murphy`s review of Neon Indian`s Psychic Chasms (Lefse Records). I believe he`s saying that you get the best of both worlds, avant-garde and psychedelic pop. I will link several most interesting reviews of Psychic Chasms for you. Neon Indian is on to something!

I will rewind the tape for you, to frame what a marvelous discovery I zoomed in on yesterday. I was combing the racks for a platter of new music, something fresh as a bowl of fruit from tropical Tahiti. I sampled around 20 different record at Waterloo`s ipod listening stations. No cigar! Finally, I came upon Neon Indian, and Whamo! Bingo! I found it! Deadbeat Summer was the first track I heard. Oscillating synthesizers, sound effects and surreal lyrics…

Heard they`re from Austin. Cover looks like Russian Constructivist artist Popov? Or Kandinsky? Can`t find a credit? The 1980s psychedelic movement has been mentioned…Jesus and Mary Chain? More keyboard oriented than guitar. Alan Palomo is the mastermind behind Neon Indian. This is post-modern cartoon music, or…