Restaurant Patron Injured By Falling Moose Head

December 30, 2009 by  
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“A New York woman is suing a Manhattan restaurant after claiming that a large stuffed moose head fell from a wall hanging and struck her.
The woman, Raina Kumra, 32, is suing White Slab Palace over the alleged incident in the early hours of October 4, the New York Daily News and Post newspapers said.”
I would never patronize a restaurant that considers a stuffed moose head elegant decor. There is nothing more sickening and inhumane than killing a noble animal, and then hanging its head from a wall as a trophy. The good folks at PETA should protest outside of the White Slab Palace until they go out of business.
Or hopefully Kumra will win her lawsuit, and the dining establishment will go out of business. Not that I have any sympathy for Kumra, she had no business patronizing a restaurant that has so low regard for animals.
Kumra is representing herself, which means she has a fool for a client. It’s up the PETA to teach this horrible restaurant a lesson.