Woman Protester Stomped on the Head by Rand Paul Bully!

October 26, 2010 by  
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I predict that by tonight the video of a woman (Lauren Valle) from MoveOn.org being stomped on the head by a rough-ie-en supporter of Rand Paul will go virile. The debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway will be all but forgotten, while the brutal foot crushing the skull of poor Lauren Valle will be viewed over and over again, leaving the senatorial candidates behind in the dust.

Lauren Valle was going to present an “employee of the month award” from Republicorp to Rand Paul as he arrived for the debates in Louisville. Republicorp is a fake business concept created by MoveOn.org to demonstrate the merger between the GOP and Big Business that controls free speech.

Lauren`s voice of protest was silenced and oppressed by a bully vigilante, who actually makes Rand Paul look bad. The incident was reported by Valle to the police. Hopefully, this ROUGH-HOUSER will be arrested, he deserves it. Stomping on a woman`s head is assault. You can watch the video here on this Salon.com article.