The Tonight Show As A Talk Show Format Premieres On July 29, 1957

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On this very night of July 29th, but way back in 1957, The Tonight Show was broadcast on NBC, with Jack Paar as host. This would be in the talk show format that we are familiar with. Johnny Carson went on to perfect and refine this format. Jack Paar  hosted The Tonight Show from 1957-1962. Johnny Carson hosted it from 1962 to 1992. I think most of us saw the very last show, May 22, 1992. You can still see it on YouTube.

It must be noted that it was Steve Allen who premiered The Tonight Show on September 27, 1954. This earlier version of the show, however, was more strictly an entertainment format. When Jack Paar took over it became a more serious talk show, with guests such as Peter Ustinov and a regular, conservative intellectual, William F. Buckley, Jr.

My main memories are of Johnny Carson and all of his outlandish characters, such as Art Fern, Floyd R. Turbo, Aunt Blabby and of course Carnac The Magnificent. If it weren`t for The Tonight Show I wouldn`t have been able to have a proper conversation with my Dad when I was growing up. Dad could laugh while we were watching the show and pontificate some important life lessons, most of which I tried to learn.

I`ll link for you some Classic Carson, when Dean Martin and Bob Hope were on some time in 1969. That pic is Johnny from that show with Deano and Bob. Look to see if you think Dean is really intoxicated or is merely acting the role. He`s certainly got his image down. We owe a lot to these early forefathers of late night TV. Jay, Conan and David carry on the tradition.

NBC renews Southland and SVU — minus Benson and Stabler?

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NBC has confirmed that Parks & Recreation and Southland has been renewed.  Both mid-season shows, they each have been given a second season of 13 episodes.  Also returning next season is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but no word yet on whether or not stars Chris Meloni and Mariska Haritgay will also return, as negotiations on their contracts are in the works. 

Heroes also has been green-lit for a season of “Redemption”, as there hasn’t been any  official decision on the fates of the original Law & OrderLifeMedium and Chuck, whose fans are campaigning via Subway for a third season.  But if the show comes back next fall, NBC co-entertainment chairman Ben Silverman told TV, Chuck may move to a new night. 

NBC reveals its 2009 fall line-up May 19.

NBC gives “Heroes” a chance for redemption next season

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This season, they’ve battled Villains and became Fugitives.  Now, the Heroes will be seeking Redemption, which will be the title of Volume 5, as NBC renews the live-action comic-book series next fall.  

However, according to Ad Age, the episode order will be cut from 25 this season to between 18 and 20 for the new season due to declining ratings and over-arching, complex storylines last season and at the start of season three.  Yet Heroes is still a dominant force in the 18-49 viewership as well as internationally.

Fugitives concludes — with the Heroes together again to fight the Hunter Danko, as Nathan and Sylar face-off on who gets to the President first, and one Hero may not survive the aftermath — setting the stage for Redemption

Which Hero do you think is a possible candidate for Redemption?

The final chapter of Fugitives airs this Monday at 9pm on NBC.