New Yorkers Grieve Over The Presumed Death Of Lola The Hawk

January 19, 2011 by  
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New York birdwatchers said a red-tailed hawk living with her mate in Central Park since 2002 hasn’t been seen for a month and is presumed dead.

The hawk enthusiasts said Lola, the mate of Central Park hawk Pale Male, a 20-year fixture of the park, hasn’t been seen since Dec. 18. Pale Male appears to have moved on with a new mate, the New York Post reported Tuesday.


Fans of Lola may be devastated that she is probably dead, but Lola’s mate Pale Male has already moved on with a new mate.

Pale Male is quit a stud, he’s had at least five mates since moving to the park in 1991, and he has fathered at least 23 chicks.

All this drama over a missing hawk, I hope that if I turn up missing on day, that my friends and family will be just as upset.

Red-tailed hawks are voracious predators, they dine on small mammals, birds and reptiles. I wonder if Lola’s fans shed any tears for the hundreds, if not thousands, of animals that Lola consumed during her lifetime.