“Big Rock Candy Mountain” by Haywire Mac (Harry McClintock)

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Over the past year I have been studying The Great Depression quite a bit. At the first of the year they (economists)Harry mcclintock were talking that way. As I review different ephemera, I keep running into the song, Big Rock Candy Mountain. It`s on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. The Coen Brothers included the original 1928 version by Harry McClintock. Haywire Mac (Harry`s nickname) had a # 1 hit for it on the country charts in 1939.

big rock candy mountainHarry McClintock claimed authorship of the song, but the court ruled it as in the public domain. Haywire Mac did re-work the lyric considerably. Basically, it`s a hobo pipedream. The Big Rock Candy Mountain is a utopia where “hens lay soft boiled eggs” and the “boxcars are all empty.” On the downside there are “cigarette trees,” but the “police have wooden legs” and the jail bars are made of tin.  Halleluhah! A Deregulated Utopia

Anyway, this hobo may be laying under his blanket near some trash heap and dreamin` of a better day. Quite a vivid image that is still relevant today. I live in downtown Austin, and the homeless have increased considerably over the past year. And (I have learned) there is a real Big Rock Candy Mountain in Utah. Have to get that way some time…(source-Wiki)