Cat On A Hot Tin Roof-Elizabeth Taylor`s Life Stormy in 1958!

March 29, 2011 by  
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A cool piano strain slips around a ravishing Maggie lounging in a white slip, as she battles with Brick over Big Daddy`s mega-bucks. I had an uncontrollable urge to see any old Liz Taylor Classic, and I found one on Netflix Instant Watch, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Production commenced in the spring of 1958, during which Liz got sick with a stomach virus, then to top that off, experienced the trauma of her husband, Mike Todd dying in a plane wreck.

When Liz returned to the shoot in April of 1958, she had lost weight because of her ordeal. I`m looking for a thinner Liz and I believe I notice her change, in the scene with the usual boozing Brick, where she has on that gorgeous white gown. I`m about 40 minutes into the film. This is just the kind of thing I`m looking for, surfing for details of Liz`s personal life against what she was doing on the Silver Screen. The personal vs. public conundrum, fodder for tabloids!

I`ve heard Tennessee Williams hated the film; don`t know just why, but maybe since Brick`s role is watered down, in terms of his sexuality. Maggie is the sexually-animated one (She`s the Cat). This reversal of roles is the key to what drives the audience`s curiosity. The theme, in my eyes, is the deteriorating status of the Old South. A dying Big Daddy is a symbol for Dixieland Going South! While flawed, I love this film and could study Liz and Paul (and Burl Ives) all day long. Even better, I need to pick up a Tennessee Williams reader.

*(A nice side issue is alcoholism, that Brick is severely afflicted with.)