Collect Call From Pay Phone Costs Small Fortune

November 30, 2009 by  
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“Toluca Lake resident Pat Devine, 84, figured her collect-call days were behind her. Like most of us, she carries a cellphone for her on-the-go communications.

Most of us wouldn’t think of leaving home without a cell phone, but I’m surprised that an 84-year-old woman had one. I would expect to find a rotary dial phone in her purse.
The old lady finally found a pay phone, but it ate her coins, so she placed a collect call to her hair stylist to let her know she was running late.
When her hair stylist got her phone bill she almost had a heart attack, accepting the collect call set her back $37.40. Next time she does the old hag’s hair she will probably dye it rainbow-colored instead of blue.
I would never (ever) accept a collect call from anyone. If Mother Teresa called me from jail, I would hang up on her. If Mother Teresa called me, it would really be a long distance call.

But when she was running late for a recent salon appointment, Devine found that her cellphone battery had died. She didn’t want to be rude and leave her hairstylist waiting. So she looked around for a pay phone.”

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