Next President Of The Philippines Refuses To Quit Smoking

May 25, 2010 by  
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“Senator Benigno Aquino, set to become the Philippines’ next president, said Monday he is not ready to quit smoking yet because it could affect his decision making.
Aquino, who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, said there were more pressing political, social and economic issues to be addressed than his smoking habit.”
I applaud Aquino for not pandering to the masses, I’m sure he will quit smoking when he is good and ready. Aquino doesn’t need the stress of trying to quit smoking as he takes on the awesome responsibilities of the presidency of the Philippines.
President Obama is the Leader of the Free World, and needless to say he has the most stressful job in the world. I urge Obama not to cut back on his smoking, he needs a release from his stressful job. I hope his wife is counseling him to smoke like a chimney, and hopefully she is also urging him to smoke a joint.
Obama’s smoking addiction is insignificant compared to the problems that are facing him. Dude, smoke your cares away!

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