Dude Steals Son’s Car And Smashes Open Grandson’s Piggy Bank

August 26, 2009 by  
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“A man with a lengthy criminal record is accused of smashing his grandson’s piggy bank for $50 in change and leaving the pieces of the bank for the little boy to find. The man is also accused of stealing his adult son’s car.
Ronald Joyner, 46, of Bronson, was arrested by a Levy County sheriff’s deputy Monday morning on charges of grand theft auto and petty theft.”
This loser was living with his son and grandson, he should have repaid their hospitality by tuning up his son’s car and buying toys for his grandson.
Instead this dastardly criminal stole his son’s Kia, and demolished his grandson’s piggy  bank. No self-respecting car thief would steal a 2002 Kia.
Joyner had been living with his son after being released from prison. When he gets out of prison again, his son slam the door in his face if he shows up again.
When Joyner’s fellow prisoners find out that he is back in jail for smashing a kid’s piggy  bank, they are going to make his life a living hell.