Pink Dolphin With Red Eyes A Big Hit

May 28, 2009 by  
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“What’s pink, has red eyes and leaps around a Louisiana shipping channel long enough for you to believe your eyes? A rare albino bottlenose dolphin. Bottlenose dolphins are common in the lower Calcasieu Ship Channel, feeding in the deep water and riding on top of boats’ waves. And when the pink one jumps amid four dark gray dolphins, it’s easy to spot.

The albino is just the 14th reported worldwide, and the third in the Gulf of Mexico, according to biologist Dagmar Fertl of Plano, Texas.”

The Associated Press

We’re familiar with pink flamingos, pink Cadillacs, pink prom dresses, and pink cotton candy, but a pink dolphin will draw a lot of double-takes.

The pink creature is a common sight on the channel south of Lake Charles, fisherman and tourists have grown to accept the unique animal as part of the scenery.

Let’s hope that this cool dolphin isn’t captured by a marine amusement park, Pinky should be allowed to roam free.

I urge any fisherman who has snapped  photos of this wonderful dolphin to post them on the Internet.