Dude Throws Cold Pizza At Workers

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“Police in Wisconsin said a man was cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly throwing pizza and breadsticks at pizzeria employees because his food was cold.

Brookfield police said the 26-year-old New Berlin man placed an order online July 31 and called the store about an hour later to explain he had accidentally ordered carry-out instead of delivery.”


The pizza was delivered late because the moron ordered carry-out when he meant to say delivery. The fool should have simply re-heated the pizza in the microwave and avoided all the drama.

Instead this clown drove to the pizza joint, and chucked pizza and bread sticks at the pizzeria employees. I bet that really instilled the fear of God in the pizza employees.

The idiot probably spent the night in jail, where  he would be lucky to get a bologna sandwich.

Obama Disses Chicago, Orders Pizza From St. Louis

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“The news is hitting Chicago deep dish pizza makers’ eye like a big pizza pie.

President Barack Obama is having 140 people over to the White House Friday night for a some deep-dish pizza — St. Louis deep dish pizza.

It seems during his campaign he had pizza from a restaurant called Pi in St. Louis. That’s the story Pi assistant manager Lindsey Tornetto tells.”

The Associated Press

The President of the United States has world class chefs on staff, and guests to the White House can expect to dine on gourmet cuisine.

But sometimes the president invites friends over for hamburger and fries or pizza and beer. If Obama invited a few pals to the White House for pizza  it’s not going to be breaking news. But when Obama, who served as the junior senator from Illinois, orders pizza from St. Louis and not from Chicago, that’s news!

Chicago is infamous for its dirty politics, but it’s also renowned for its great pizza. Obama  has dissed Chicago by ordering pizza from St. Louis, he’d better have plenty of Secret Service agents protecting him when he returns to the Windy City.  

The owners of pizzerias in Washington D.C. must also feel slighted, they would have understood if Obama felt compelled to order pizza from Chicago. But they will find it hard to forgive Obama for ordering from a St. Louis pizzeria that’s 850 miles away, and bypassing the many fine pizza joints in D.C.

Obama can only hope that his choice for a White House pooch will be less controversial than his 850-mile pizza delivery.