Prisoner Escaped: He Longed For A Beer

August 26, 2010 by  
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“A prisoner who gave police the slip at a north Australian airport and was eventually found drinking beer in a pub said he’d only wanted to see his mother.

Kayd Thorp, 24, took cover in bushland and swam across a Brisbane city creek to dodge search teams in a six-hour manhunt Tuesday which ended when he was discovered having a pint in a local pub.”
Thorp was drinking a beer in a pub, and not at home having tea with his mother, when he was nabbed by the cops.
A prisoner doesn’t take cover in bushland and swim across a creek for a chance to chat with his mom, but he will do that and much more for a cold one.
It’s unclear whether the thirsty prisoner visited his dear old mother during his six hours of freedom. I doubt it.
Thorp was boarding a flight with police escorts when he gave them the slip, he wasn’t wearing cuffs. Maybe now the cops will handcuff him before he boards a flight to his new prison home.