Woman Protester Stomped on the Head by Rand Paul Bully!

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I predict that by tonight the video of a woman (Lauren Valle) from MoveOn.org being stomped on the head by a rough-ie-en supporter of Rand Paul will go virile. The debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway will be all but forgotten, while the brutal foot crushing the skull of poor Lauren Valle will be viewed over and over again, leaving the senatorial candidates behind in the dust.

Lauren Valle was going to present an “employee of the month award” from Republicorp to Rand Paul as he arrived for the debates in Louisville. Republicorp is a fake business concept created by MoveOn.org to demonstrate the merger between the GOP and Big Business that controls free speech.

Lauren`s voice of protest was silenced and oppressed by a bully vigilante, who actually makes Rand Paul look bad. The incident was reported by Valle to the police. Hopefully, this ROUGH-HOUSER will be arrested, he deserves it. Stomping on a woman`s head is assault. You can watch the video here on this Salon.com article.

Will the Aqua Buddha Ad Hurt Or Help Jack Conway?

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I don`t believe that Jack Conway`s Aqua Buddha Ad really so much questions Rand Paul`s faith, as it does call into question the extent to which he has been consistently a Christian. This is the image Rand Paul is trying to project, such as in his new rebuttal ad, since Paul is trying to appeal so hard to his Tea Party base. The Christian Fundamentalist group comprises a big part of this new conservative movement. Thus, they will be scutinizing this ad most thoroughly.

I applaud Jack Conway for having the guts to run this ad; I know if Rand Paul could get his hands on this type of graft, he would use it in a millisecond. Do I think it will backfire on Conway, as many liberal pundits have so expressed? I don`t think so.

As people review how Rand Paul tries so hard to project an image of a wholesome Christian family man, conservative undecided voters will perceive him as inconsistent, as perhaps shallow in his faith. The initial backfire on Conway will then morph to a backfire on Paul. That`s what I predict.

Energized Debate Yesterday Between Rand Paul and Jack Conway on on Fox News Sunday!

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I watched and recorded the debate of Kentucky Senate candidates, Rand Paul and Jack Conway, yesterday on Fox News Sunday. I don`t normally tune-in to Fox, but this race in Kentucky is taking on a wider significance. The reason for this is, is that Rand Paul is the most eloquent spokesperson for the newly emerging Tea Party.

The debate was quite good, very engaging, and both candidates were razor-sharp and well prepared with ammo, that would be their arsenal of beliefs. Rand Paul`s big issue is out-of-control spending, the debt piling up in Washington, DC. Jack Conway promotes causes that are of a benefit to Kentuckians, such as confronting the problem of drug abuse in eastern Kentucky, that would require some federal aid.

Rand Paul is more concerned with money issues, such as the deficit, while Jack Conway supports the elderly with Medicare and safety issues for coal miners, which is the main source of employment in Kentucky. Rand Paul revealed (for the first time) that Social Security for people under 50 years of age would have to be cut. Conway suggested ways to improve ObamaCare.

Overall, I thought Jack Conway won the debate. Jack gave several examples of people whose issues are directly effected positively by ObamaCare, where the problem of pre-existing conditions has been remedied by the new health care bill. Jack`s closing statement was amazing, in terms of sympathy for Kentuckians, and portraying Paul as a cold fish, who wants to kill the Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Rand`s closing statement just emphasized his focus on money. “It`s not a revenue problem, it`s a spending problem.” Jack said: “I will be focused like a laser on job creation for Kentuckians. I will put Kentuckians first.” Rand Paul scares me. When he says that he favors a balanced budget amendment, that`s his way of saying he will slash every traditional entitlement program under the sun. I hope Americans will focus on this race, and see just how extreme Rand Paul`s views really are.

Jack Conway Is Catching Up With Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate Race!

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It`s surprising that the senate race in Kentucky is tightening, given that on September 7th a Rasmussen poll gave Tea Party candidate Rand Paul a 15 % lead over Democrat Jack Conway. A SurveyUSA poll that just came out a few days ago gives Rand Paul only a 2 % margin lead, with 49 to 47 %. That means that Jack Conway has picked-up 13 percentage points in just three weeks.

Naturally enough, Rasmussen tends somewhat more conservative, but the USA  survey was conducted by the Louisville Courier-Journal and WHAS 11, and can be relied on for its accuracy. The contrasts between these two candidates couldn`t be any greater and Kentucky tends to be a Republican state, so this bodes well for Jack Conway.

It`s a little hard to find good information on this pivotal senate election, but the Washington Post piece I`ll link for you, has the most detail I could find. Of course, it`s not hard to find video links for Rand Paul`s gaffs about getting rid of The 1964 Civil Rights Act, since he believes *(this is shocking in 2010!) private business people should have the right to discriminate against Blacks and Gays, since he thinks they have the right to do whatever they want to do on their own property.

Jack Conway`s recent success is largely a result of  him pointing out that Rand Paul doesn`t think the problem with drugs in Eastern Kentucky is all that important. Also, Conway is focusing on the local needs and concerns of Kentuckians, while Paul is touting the usual Tea Party baggage of let`s repeal the HealthCare Bill and make government smaller.

The gender gap is playing a big role in Conway`s gains also, since he is getting 55 percent of female voters, while Paul is getting 59 percent of male voters. So far, the national media hasn`t particularly focused on this exciting senate race in Kentucky. That`s about to change.