Evil Old Lady Kills Rattlesnake

August 25, 2010 by  
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“A 79-year-old Wisconsin woman said she used an ice chopper to kill a rattlesnake she discovered on her patio.

Margaret Street, who runs a business out of her Sheboygan home, said she spotted the snake on her patio Aug. 10 and decided to kill it herself when she was unable to contact anyone who could help her, the Sheboygan Press reported Tuesday.
‘I got him right behind the neck,’ she said. “I chopped three times.”
This woman’s actions weren’t heroic but evil and cowardly. She exclaims with glee: I chopped three times.
A rattlesnake has as much right to live as a 79-year-old lady. Street should have simply used her back door until the snake slithered away.
The woman is lucky the snake didn’t kill her, authorities don’t recommend that anyone try to kill a rattlesnake.
If this old lady is so terrified of snakes, she should move to a big city where no snakes are to be found.