Amy Winehouse`s ‘Back To Black’ Is At the Top of My Playlist!

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I`m one of those millions of people who purchased Amy Winehouse`s Back to Black on itunes on Saturday. This is the day she died, but the album came out nearly 5 years ago. In fact, this is the first time I`ve ever even heard her music. Amy was so maligned in the press all the time, that I just assumed her music was no good. Boy, was I wrong! *(Nice piece in The Rolling Stone!)

Back to Black is a masterpiece, an instant classic, that will be just as listenable twenty years from now as it is today. It sounds like it was recorded in the 1960s, on Stax Records or something like that. It seems as if the producer, Mark Ronson, was shooting for this type of response. And now I find out that Amy wrote all her own songs. This just makes me respect her all the more.

Her tragic death on Saturday, while widely predicted, is no less shocking. I`m left with a bunch of great songs to listen to, which have barely just been heard. I`m left feeling stupid, embarrassed – feel like I`ve been betrayed by the media, who really only escalated her untimely death. Amy messed up because she thought she knew the media expected her to mess up. It`s a vicious circle, where the vulnerability of a talented artist is undermined by the media wolves who love to see an artist suffer.

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