Idiot Robber Drops Cellphone During Robbery

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Police in Florida said an attempted robber was arrested after apparently dropping his cellphone during a struggle with his intended victim.

Investigators said Ryan Haynes, 19, of Largo, pulled a gun on a mentally handicapped McDonald’s employee outside the restaurant Sunday night and demanded money, the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Tuesday.

Police said the victim was forced to the ground after telling the robber he didn’t have any money and Haynes attempted to take his car keys. However, the victim fought back and Haynes fled, apparently dropping his cellphone in the process.


The victim may have been mentally handicapped, but its Haynes who is the moron in this incident. The robber dropped his cellphone in the struggle with his victim, and the cops used the phone to identify Haynes as the suspect and he was quickly apprehended.

Not only is Haynes an idiot, but like most thugs he’s also a coward who preys on the weak.

Haynes is a klutz, and I bet he will drop his soap in the showers. He’s going to be walking bowl-legged when he gets out of prison.

Gas Station Clerk Refuses To Turn Money Over To Robber, He Sulks Away

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“A 65-year-old Ohio gas station clerk said an attempted robber turned and walked out of the store when she refused to hand over any money.”

I would have handed the robber money, cigarettes, beer and anything else he asked for, including the kitchen sink. I would even have offered to gift wrap the money and goodies for him. Heck, it’s not my money, and gas station clerks get paid next to nothing.
The gas station clerk, who asked to remain anonymous, wasn’t intimidated by the 6-foot tall bad guy. The brave (foolhardy?) old woman refused to comply with the robber’s demands, and he walked away without a penny.
The police recommend that tellers and cashiers hand over money to robbers, the clerk is lucky she isn’t resting 6 feet below ground.