Creative Cheapo Halloween Costumes with a Sprinkle of Kiss or Alice Cooper!

October 30, 2009 by  
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Okay, you are going to have to come up with a funny, creative, yet stupid Halloween costume fast! And it has to be cheap too, because you are broke, maybe permanently, or at least until the economy recovers. But that may be several years away. When you hit the door of your local Samhaim party, & you get to some apple bobbing & merriment, you want to make a splash. Here`s five stupid, but original sets of threads you may care to sport to your local Apple Bobbing Festival.Snap Apple Night

5. TIME FLIES-Wear wings and tie a huge clock to your chest as a necklace. You might put around fifty cheap wristwatches on too. Yea, stupid!

4. GUM UNDER A SHOE-Tie a huge shoe on your head. Dress in pink (you are the gum, dummy!).

3.A SLEEPY HOUSEWIFE-Phyllis Diller did this in the `60s. Put your hair up in curlers, wear a bathrobe and yawn a lot. Wear fuzzy bunny slippers and do not put on any makeup.

2. CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SHOWERS-Attach cotton balls to a funny hat and wear fluffy, springy clothes as clouds. When people question you about your threads, say: “cloudy with a chance of showers,” then zap them with a squirt gun you have hidden under your clothing. Corny, but it`s a good gimmick!

1.PICNIC-Make a plaid picnic blanket into a poncho by cutting a hole in it to put your head through. Attach or glue paper plates, plastic knives and forks, & fake BBQ slabs of grub to your Clothy spread. Add fake ants to make it authentic. *(the Party Pig might have fake ants?)

For music use an MP3 player with a mini speaker under your clothes. All you need is lots of Kiss, Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath naturally. As you bob for apples & do the wa-toosie with Susie Q, crank the obnoxious tunes up `til the cops are called! (kidding) Have a good one!