“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”-Bret Michaels Surprise Appearance on ‘Idol’!

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Bret Michaels made a surprise guest appearance on American Idol last night, joining Casey James to sing his Poison hit, Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Bret hadn`t even told his doctor of his musical rendezvous on Idol. As you know, Bret has been hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage for a month and a half, but made a miraculous recovery. However, he was re-hospitalized last week for a stroke. I heard also, that he has a hole in his heart.

Not that other important things weren`t happening on American Idol last night. FAR be from it, Lee DeWyze won with his rendition of U2`s Beautiful Day. Although, it seems like more people were rooting for Crystal Bowesox, and most assuredly women. Okay, don`t forget that this was Simon Cowell`s last show, and boy, it sure was good to see Paula Abdul again. I only saw the highlights on the news this morning, but I sense that Idol is cooked!

I sure hope Bret Michaels can start playing his music again, but I have my doubts? Better try to be optimistic. I don`t have any Poison albums, not so much as a single. What`s their best album?

‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell Says ‘Everybody Hurts’

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‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell’s new charity song for Haitian earthquake victims featuring artists as varied as Susan Boyle, Jon Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey hit airwaves today.

Did you help the people of Haiti?

Simon Cowell`s a cat who will land on his feet!

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Simon CowellI have been reading over the news this morning that Simon Cowell will be leaving American Idol after this coming season. Simon will, however, bring his U.K. talent show, The X Factor, to the U.S. It will still be on Fox, so the people at Fox may still be able to retain their loyal humongous audience. American Idol has been the single show that has propped up our ailing music business.

The question is whether it`s been Simon`s grating personality that has made the show so popular, or whether AI just naturally fulfills a niche of popular sentiment. I believe that since Paula Abdul left, it`s not nearly as good. The metabolic mix of Cowell and Abdul (bad cop and good cop) was magic for TV! Given the draw that Cowell can harness, he may just pull it off? A good thing for The X Factor is that it will include older geezers, like Susan Boyle, as well.

I`m not so much in the know on these matters, Judyth Piazza is more on top of this topic. But I did learn this morning that there exists an American Idol historian, Richard Rushfield. That just raised my opinion of Idol and Cowell-they have their own historian. Simon is a cat who land on feet, you know it! He`s holding the cards, not Fox…

American Idol Comes Out of the Closet: Ellen DeGeneres?

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Show’s choice of Ellen DeGeneres is a smart one.

Landing Ellen DeGeneres — who’s more famous than anyone on the current panel, save Simon Cowell — is a coup for “Idol.” She brings her own fan base, something that could prove valuable as “Idol” continues to fight the natural audience erosion that’s a given for any older show. [TheWrap]

I am personally not happy about this decision. Are you?

Do you think Ellen can walk in Paula’s shoes?

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‘American Idol’ Taps DeGeneres as Third Judge

Television’s most popular reality show has chosen comedian Ellen DeGeneres to join the judges’ panel on “American Idol,” TheWrap has learned …read more at TheWrap.

Do you think Ellen can walk in Paula’s shoes?