How Not to Let Binge Watching Keep Away Healthful Sleep

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It’s not in the headlines yet, and maybe never will be — but there is a real honest-to-goodness battle being waged right now all across North America, and the outcome can mean the difference between good healthy sleep patterns and destroyed health from sleep deprivation. At the basic level, the fundamentals of sleep are not […]

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All Tomorrow`s Parties` Rock Festival Raves This Weekend!

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Boy oh Boy! I`m listening to some smokin` tracks of `90s slow-burn metal band Sleep. Just heard The Druid, and it practically tanned my hide and left it out to dry. Sleep will playing at the All Tomorrow`s Parties` Rock Festival, which will be happening in Monticello, N.Y. this Labor Day weekend. This event is slated as an ‘independent music festival,’ and from the looks of the lineup, it has ALTERNATIVE ROCK signposts written all over it.

The festival will showcase Iggy and the Stooges, Sonic Youth, and the Aquarian occult riffs of the inimitable metal-grinders, Sleep. Sleep`s 1993 effort, Sleep`s Holy Mountain is a must have, in case you don`t already own it. YouTube has a keen black and white video of Dragonaut, with long-haired bassist, Al Cisneros, jamming out with his flowing hair and thumping bass, in case you`re interested.

Sunday night`s bill for All Tomorrow`s Parties will include some interesting acts that I would like to check out. There`s the Black Angels, White Hills, Wooden Shjips and Dungen. The festival will be held at Kutcher`s, an old Catskills estate, and looks like an intimate setting with an actual focus on the artists and their music. That`s a rarity!