A Violent Overthrow of Obama Government Okayed by Stephen Broden!

October 24, 2010 by  
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“Our nation was founded on violence, the option is on the table. I don`t think we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms.” Pastor Stephen Broden

I was surprised to read a piece in The Daily Mail about the Republican Tea Party candidate, Stephen Broden, running for a House Seat in Dallas against Democrat, Eddie Bernice Johnson. Since when were the English interested in volatile Texas politics? But the outrageousness of Broden`s comment about the feasibility of an insurrection against the Obama Government, and coming from another black man, must have been shocking to our friends across the Pond.

I found two facts equally as shocking. One, is that The Dallas Morning News did, at one time, endorse this nut case. True, they had the common sense to withdraw this un-vetted endorsement. Two, would be a comment made by the head of the Dallas County Republican Party, Jonathan Neerman, when reacting to Broden`s overtures of revolution, said:  “It is a disappointing, isolated incident.”

Isolated? Hardly! Tea Party candidates blurt out these gaffes every week. Let us not forget when Sharron Angle recently suggested we might have to use ‘Second Amendment remedies’ (Lock and Load) to neutralize an over-aggressive federal government. Okay, let`s add in Sarah Palin, though she disguises it in code. And now Glen Beck claims he never really knew Stephen Broden, even though the pastor had been on his show 5 or 6 times.

I`m glad to see this story go virile. People are not really paying that much attention to this growing aggregation of kook-cases. It`s dangerous to enter the voting booth without the rotten apples from this tree of knowledge. *P.S. (Michelle Bachmann is denying she knew Broden also. Find the incriminating evidence for yourself.)