Billy Idol In Super Overdrive Live-A Scorcher at Chicago`s Congress Theater!

February 25, 2010 by  
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The DVD Billy Idol In Super Overdrive Live is getting some rotation this morning on my ancient 1999 Sony Trinitron TV. It`s a scorching live concert of Billy last July at Chicago`s Congress Theater, where air conditioning is non-existent! The heat put a fire under the band though, and I must say, the super-virtuoso guitarist, Steve Stevens, is every much Billy`s equal.

I`m an `80s man myself, and waxed nostalgic when Billy sings many of his hits, such as: Eyes Without A Face, White Wedding and Flesh For Fantasy. Naturally, Rebel Yell is a crowd pleaser that will lift you off your custom-designed ergonomic computer stool, bring you to your feet, and prod you to flick a left over rusty Bic lighter, a relic of a keepsake, that`s dear-to-your-heart for no apparent reason.

Funny, I had a part-time job at Old Navy many moons ago, and The Gap People would constantly rotate Rebel Yell. So, when I hear that song it`s like I`m stocking T-shirts and blue-jeans! Odd…

Billy Idol`s band was very tight, with Steve Stevens tweaking his Gibson Hummingbird against stacks of Marshall Amps. Brian Tichy is popping lumber and Stephen McGrath is a left-handed Ready Steady Go bass thumper. That`s Derek Sherinian on keyboards; shines on Rebel Yell.

Great concert, Billy can still rock. This is good time to review his career…I`ll take it! Any excuse to review the Punk Days, and Generation X, is fine with me. Does anyone know when Billy and Steve Stevens reunited? I thought that they had had a falling out…