B-Movie Idol Yvette Vickers Found Dead In Her Home!

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Buried beneath all the Bin Laden stories streaming on the bottom screen news tickertape (MSNBC) this morning, something sensational caught my eye. A ‘mummified Playboy Playmate`s corpse’ had been found. I raced over to my Google search and pulled up the news stream that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! This is in keeping with traditions embraced by B-Movie Star Yvette Vickers, who found her way to fame byway of some cheesy horror films.

I recommend as your basic source for the gruesome account of a neighbor`s discovery, a Los Angeles Times piece that appeared just two days ago. Also, I recommend The Daily Mail article, which as usual, has plenty of nice pix to accompany the text. The other thing, is that there are a few extensions to Yvette`s life, such as she presumably had an affair with both Cary Grant and Lee Marvin. It was Jimmie Cagney who discovered her.

The other thing, which I almost forgot, is that The Mail has a great pic of her ram- shackled Beverly Hills mansion, which looks as spooky as could possibly be imagined! Yvette`s first role was in Sunset Boulevard, which is ironic in the sense that her own demise apparently mirrors Gloria Swanson`s final days, lost in the idle dream of a Silverscreen Comeback, doomed from its inception! (I`m projecting here, so don`t take this literally.) Want to examine the Russ Meyers connection now…

Peter Fonda Finds A Dead Body In A Car On Sunset Boulevard!

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Peter Fonda finds a body in a car by the side of the road. This is the best story I`ve seen on the news this morning. Somewhat under reported, but at least the Daily Mail ran a nice little piece on it. I didn`t get as must detail as I desired, but I did learn Peter found the body right on Sunset Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon, after he had noticed that this car was parked in the exact spot the day before. Why didn`t anyone else notice this oddity? Fonda has a sharp eye and should be commended for this public service. (It`s good copy too!)

They`re saying it`s a suicide, the man died from exhaust fumes. One wonders how or why this unidentified man would commit Harry Karry in his car right on historic Sunset Boulevard? Perhaps he was connected with show business? He did find a post mortem fortune of fame though, since it was the famous actor who discovered his corpse. A gifted screenwriter couldn`t have penned a more intriguing demise, I surmise!

Just a coincidence maybe, but I had just viewed Roger Corman`s campy flick, The Trip, last weekend, which stars Peter Fonda going on an LSD Trip. The film dates from 1967 (Duh!) and had Jack Nicholson writing the quirky script. My favorite scene is when Peter watches a lady`s laundry tumble in an industrial dryer. Naturally, he hallucinates people`s faces in the twirling dryer. This mysterious tale of Fonda finding the body in a car should be developed into an internet movie, or an instant watch produced by Netflix. Maybe I`ll write it myself!

Who Shot Ronni Chasen Five Times At Point Blank Range In Beverly Hills?

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I begin my work today on the Ronni Chasen Case. Initially, I focus on all the key articles I can find on the case. I print them out so that I can see what I have. In this Who Dunnit?, I favor the Los Angeles Times piece, Police have little evidence in Ronni Chasen slaying, since the shooting occurred in Hollywood. I figure the LA Times is a little closer to this troubling mystery, since it happened right in Beverly Hills.

Then it`s always nice if I can find any video news coverage. CNN and ABC News are usually good for this. Okay, so I begin to sift through this mountain of data. I need to get the facts straight for a starter. The one image that keeps repeating itself to me is the marquee poster for Burlesque starring Cher. Ronni was just leaving this movie premiere when she was shot. I`ve seen the previews a few times, and it looks good.

Bet receipts will be awesomely big for Burlesque. You know where I`m going with this. My instincts tell me that the killer was on foot, and approached Ronni`s Mercedes coupe and shot directly into the vehicle from the passenger side. This was premeditated murder with a definite motive. Right now, no one knows what that motive might be? More digging is required.

I know you will be thinking about this case all day while you are at work! I`m positive, because it`s such an interesting case. Send me a comment or two of your theories and I will ponder the logic of your theories as I prepare an expanded analysis myself. Who shot Ronni Chasen 5 times point blank in Beverly Hills? (The title has already suggested itself for today`s post).