Lady Gaga Racks Up One BILLION Video Views on the Internet!

March 25, 2010 by  
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Visible Measures, a video analytics company (that tracks videos that achieve 100 million views), has long had Lady Gaga on their chart. Visible Measures is now reporting that Lady Gaga`s three hit videos have exceeded one billion views. These are: Poker Face, Just Dance and Bad Romance.

Gaga is primarily on Vevo and YouTube, but is prominent on Facebook too, where recently there was a National Gaga Day. Gaga enjoys a harmonious relationship with the internet in general. Bad Romance was my first video purchase on my iphone. I wonder what the stats are like for LG video purchases on itunes?

Stats for her new one, Telephone, have not even been added to Visible Measures` records yet (from what I can tell)? Gaga may hit two billion before long? Why do you think that The Lady is so enamored on the internet? She does keep things interesting with dancing, outrageous costumes and her out-of-this-world floppy hats! But there must be some other mysterious quality at play here? If I can JUST discover it, I too will be an INTERNET BILLIONAIRE! *( Gaga first artist with one billion online video views-3/25/2010)

“I knew you`d take all my honey”-Lady Gaga`s “Telephone” rules airwaves!

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I own the Lady Gaga video Telephone now with Beyonce. Only seen it once but I love it. Sixteen million people have already viewed it on YouTube. It`s ten minutes long, really a mini-film. The dancing is outstanding and the music reminds me of Debra Harry and Blondie, from the late `70s. “Once you kill a cow, you got to make a burger,” Miss Gaga casually exclaims towards the end. May be a reference to gnarly males?

Sex, crime, lesbian fantasy, everything is so obvious; trying to act BAD becomes a cliché for some ulterior subliminal message. But what is that message? More viewings are in order. Aileen Wuornos, supposedly the first female serial killer, came to mind almost immediately! The prison scenes are scary, but MSNBC has entire shows on prison life. A little satire of that motif is implied, don`t you think?

Lady Jail-Bird Flicks have always been popular; Lady Gaga justs sees a good opportunity way before the rest of us…taps into the mammoth ID of the American Psyche…