These Celebrity Vegetarians Won’t Be Eating Turkey This Thanksgiving – Huffington Post

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These Celebrity Vegetarians Won't Be Eating Turkey This Thanksgiving
Huffington Post
Pass the tofurkey, y'all, because these celebrity vegetarians won't be eating any bird for Thanksgiving. Ariana Grande, Jared Leto and Ellen DeGeneres are just a handful of the stars who reach for plant-based foods and maintain vegan or vegetarian diets.

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“Mercedes-Benz” Turkeys Sell for As Much As $14 A Pound

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“New York markets are selling upscale Thanksgiving turkeys for as much as $14 a pound — translating to $168 for a 12-pound bird.
Retailer Dean & Deluca said it is offering the D’Artagnan wild turkey, which is billed as ‘farm-raised from the original wild breed,’ for $14 a pound as well as the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Heritage free-range turkey, which the store calls the ‘Mercedes-Benz’ of turkeys, for $11 per pound, the New York Daily News reported Monday.”
I donated a 19-pound Butterball Turkey to a church that is having Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless, and it only set me back $33.00. I’m sure that most people, not just the homeless, are thankful for a Butterball Turkey in these hard economic times.
Wasting $168 dollars for a 12-pound bird is an outrage, why not just buy a regular turkey and give the rest of the money to the poor?
Anybody who buys a “Mercedes-Benz” turkey is the biggest turkey of all.